SHAZAM! Gets a 2019 Release Date

It looks like Warner Bros. has set a release date for Shazam! According to CB, the studio has set the release date for the film for April 5th, 2019. That's one month before Avengers: Infinity War is being released.

Shazam! is being directed by Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg and Zachary Levi is set to play the title character. I like what Sandberg has done with his previous films and I'm curious to see how he ends up handling the big screen adaptation of this classic DC comics character.

When talking about the film with EW, New Line president Toby Emmerich said the movie has "a tone unto itself" and added: 

"It’s a DC comic, but it’s not a Justice League character, and it’s not a Marvel comic. The tone and the feeling of the movie will be different from the other range of comic book movies."

He went on to say that it "will have a sense of fun and a sense of humor." In the past, Levi likened it to Tom Hank's 80's comedy Big, saying:

“The hope is that it’s gonna feel like the movie ‘Big’, but with superpowers... So, you’re gonna have the heart of that kind of Tom Hanks of the kid in you."

I know a lot of people are worried that Levi won't be able to cut it physically, but apparently, he's been working his ass off. He's also taking in about 4,000 calories per day to help in his efforts. As I've said before, if Chris Pratt could bulk up for Star-Lord, Levi will be able to bulk up for Shazam!

The film also stars Asher Angel as Billy Batson, a young boy who has the power to turn into an adult superhero. Other cast members include Jack Dylan Grazer (IT), who is taking on the role of Billy’s best friend Freddy Freeman, and Mark Strong will play the villain, Doctor Thaddeus Sivana.

Are you excited about Shazam! or are you worried that the studio and the director are going to drop the ball?

Listen To Matt Smith Recall Getting Super Drunk At James Corden’s Wedding


Apparently, James Corden and Matt Smith are pretty good friends. I guess I could've assumed as much considering Corden was featured in a couple Doctor Who episodes during Smith's run, but I never would've guessed the two were close enough for Smith to attend Corden's wedding. The two must be really close considering the show Smith put on at Corden's wedding, which sounds as amazing as it does wild. Listen to Matt Smith recall Corden's wedding, and falling in a fire, below:

Here’s a New Clip From DC Animation’s BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT

Gotham by Gaslight began the Batman Elseworld storylines and was published back in February 1989. Essentially, the idea is that Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in 1889 and faces down against Jack the Ripper. If you missed the announcement, this storyline is being adapted into an animated film and it looks pretty good. Warner Bros. released a new clip that introduces some familiar faces to us earlier this week. If you want to know more about the story, here’s a synopsis:

In an age of mystery and superstition, how would the people of Gotham react to a weird creature of the night, a bat-garbed vigilante feared by the guilty and the innocent alike? The very first Elseworlds tale re-imagines the Dark Knight detective in Victorian times and pits him against the infamous murderer Jack the Ripper.

If you want to read the story before watching the movie, you can pick up a copy of Gotham by Gaslight over on Amazon. It’s only 48 pages, so it shouldn’t take too long to get through. Because it’s only 48 pages, DC has stated that the movie will expand on the story to get the runtime to around 80 minutes. If handled well, the additions could prove great. If done poorly, it could kill the film (I’m looking at you The Killing Joke). Are you excited to see this great story come to life?

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight will be released digitally on January 23 or on Blu-ray and DVD February 6. Pre-orders are available now.

New BLACK MIRROR Featurette Goes Behind The Scenes Of Season 4


If you're someone who can't get enough of Black Mirror, this video is for you. This new featurette goes into the background of Season 4 and explains some of the intentions of the series from its very beginning. It also goes into some of the show's changes in Season 4, and why decisions were made regarding various plot lines or filming locations. Check it out if you love Black Mirror. If you don't, why the hell did you click here?

John Malkovich Cast in the Ted Bundy Thriller EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE

John Malkovich has been cast in the upcoming thriller Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The film is based on the true story of the 1979 murder trial of serial killer Ted Bundy. The actor will take on the role of Judge Edward Cowart. Malkovich will join Zac Efron who is playing Ted Bundy and Lily Collins who is playing his girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer.

Cowart presided over the trial and sentenced Bundy to death. The trial was nationally televised, and drew media attention as Bundy eventually represented himself and developed a rapport with the judge.

Malkovich is an awesome actor and this will be another solid role for him. The story for the film will be told from the point of view of Kloepfer, who had no knowledge of the murders while she was in a relationship with Bundy. The killer was executed in 1989. Shortly before he was put to death, he confessed to 30 homicides committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978.

The film is being directed by documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost films) and production is set to begin on January 18th. If you have a fascination with Ted Bundy or true crime stories, this is a film that you might want to check out.

Source: Variety

Leonardo DiCaprio is Officially Set to Star in Quentin Tarantino’s 1969 Manson Family-Themed Movie

Quentin Tarantino has officially cast Leonardo DiCaprio in his upcoming ninth film. This will bring the two talents together for the first time since they worked together on Django Unchained. This will also be DiCaprio's first film project since winning the Oscar for his role in The Revenant

There's no title for Tarantino's new film yet, but it's described as being a Pulp Fiction-esque type movie set in the 1969 Los Angeles during the summer of the Manson murders. According to a previous report, the story focuses on "a male TV actor who’s had one hit series and his looking for a way to get into the film business. His sidekick—who’s also his stunt double—is looking for the same thing. The horrific murder of Sharon Tate and four of her friends by Charles Manson’s cult of followers serves as a backdrop to the main story."

According to Deadline, DiCaprio will play the aging actor in the story. It's awesome to see that DiCaprio will be working with Tarantino again on this project and I'm excited to see how it turns out. The director also wants Margot Robbie in the role of Sharon Tate and he's looked at casting Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in another lead male role. 

The film is being produced by Harry Potter’s David Heyman and the released on August 9, 2019, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of Tate’s murder. 

JOHN WICK TV Series Lands at Starz with Keanu Reeves Producing and Appearing

The badass action film franchise John Wick is now in active development as a TV series and it's being produced by Starz. The series will be called The Continental and it will put the focus on the host of hitman hotels that are set up around the world and their inner-workings. As you know, the hotel serves as a refuge for assassins. Starz CEO Chris Albrecht had this to say in a statement:

"This series is truly unlike anything else on TV. The Continental promises to include the thunderous fight sequences and intensely staged shootouts between professional assassins and their targets that fans have come to expect in the John Wick movie franchise as well as introducing some new, darkly compelling characters who inhabit this underground world."

Sounds good to me! The series will be written by Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy, The Wire, Man in the High Castle) and he will serve as showrunner. On top of that, the creative team of the original films are all involved including Thunder Road Pictures' Basil Iwanyk, who produced the first two features along with directors Chad Stahelski, David Leitch, and original franchise screenwriter Derek Kolstad, and Keanu Reeves is also involved as a producer, but I'm sure he'll end up making an appearance! Starz’s head of programming Carmi Zlotnik said, "you can expect to see him at some point of the series."

Stahelski will direct the premiere of The Continental. Oh, and don't forget! There is a third feature film in development with Reeves back in action! That is set to be released in 2019. Are you excited about this!?

Via: Deadline

The Trailer For The DETECTIVE PIKACHU Video Game Might Just Show How Weird This Film Will Get

As the world slowly marches toward the inevitable release of Detective Pikachu, more and more clues are surfacing indicating that this film is a terrible idea. Take this latest trailer for the video game, for instance, which features a gruff Pikachu grumbling around, and nearly having an orgasm from a cup of coffee. It's weird, and if Hollywood can watch this trailer and still say this film is a good idea with a straight face, I don't know what film idea can't make it in Hollywood. Check out the trailer below, and share your thoughts on Detective Pikachu:

Warner Bros. Aims to Streamline The Movie Decision Process

It looks like the game of musical chairs is still going over at Warner Bros. It has been reported that Toby Emmerich has been promoted to chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures. This gives him direct access to the CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Kevin Tsujihara. So, what? Big deal. How does this change anything? Well, Warner Bros.' goal with promoting Emmerich and giving him direct access to Tsujihara is to streamline the decision-making process. Before this move, there was a committee approach to making decisions about the movies. Now it appears Emmerich will be able to give the greenlight to movies, and if it’s a problem, Tsujihara will be able to stop it.

That’s not the only change though. Sue Kroll was the marketing chief, but she has been moved over to be a producer. I’m hopeful that this more streamlined approach will help improve things over at the studios. Maybe we’ll be able to get that Martian Manhunter movie now that only one person needs to say yes. Do you think these changes are going to be good for the DC films, bad, or not make a difference?

Source: Den of Geek

Here’s 5 Minutes of METAL GEAR SURVIVE Single-Player Gameplay


Metal Gear!? No, not that kind of Metal Gear, this is Metal Gear Survive, the latest entry in the series from Konami. The five minute gameplay trailer from IGN shows what we can expect to be doing in this new spin on the Metal Gear Universe. The beta starts next week January 18 and the game releases February 20, so if you haven't decided if your going to pick it up, you will have your chance to try it for yourself. To prepare you for next week, here is some fresh gameplay down below.

The game looks like it is going for a survival (hence the title) and resource management playstyle. It will feature the same “infected” enemies that were seen in some moments during Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain and the trailer shows off some new bloated enemies as well. It seems like the dead resurrect into zombie-like wanderers which are hellbent on attacking anything that moves. There also seems to be an abundant of fresh weapons, including melee, that will accompany players on their fight for survival. Using tools such as placeable chain linked fence and barbed wire barricades will give players the freedom to travel on foot and defend themselves at any time. Clearly Konami took some notes from The Walking Dead because that scene in the Metal Gear trailer when the player uses his spear to stab the wanderers through the chain linked fence gave me some major flashbacks of the Prison in season 3. The game seems to be adding a lot more features to the existing Phantom Pain gameplay and tailoring it to have more of a survival feel.   

Base building and resource farming seem like a huge mechanic in the game. Watching the trailer reminded me of Fortnite’s Coop mode, where you need to build and improve your own base and prepare for incoming zombie hordes. It’s interesting to see that the game will feature full length cutscenes, implying that there will be some type of plot to the single player experience. It will be a miracle if Konami can explain what the hell is going on in the Metal Gear Universe and have it make any type of sense.

For those of you who don’t know, series Creator/Director Hideo Kojima had left Konami in 2015. Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain was Kojima’s final game in the series. That being said, Konami is continuing the franchise without Kojima and plan on making more Metal Gear games, starting with Metal Gear Survive. It is clearly a vastly different take on the series than we have ever seen before under Kojima’s direction, but is that a good thing? Do you like this new direction the series is going toward? I personally think the game looks like it will be fun but I’m not expecting a true Metal gear experience.

Whether you agree or disagree, let us know in the comments what you think about this new addition to the Metal Gear franchise