Mark Hamill Thanks Rian Johnson for Not Cutting His Kids Cameos in THE LAST JEDI

The new Star Wars trilogy is already chock full of cameos. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see all of the cameos since some get cut before the theatrical release. This includes Prince Harry. However, that makes the cameos we do see a little more special. Mark Hamill took to Twitter recently to thank Rian Johnson for not cutting his three children from the film. The three had cameos as members of the Resistance and it’s great to see that these kids were able to be in the same movie as their dad. It’s also great to see some positive vibes between Hamill and Johnson since a lot of people are focusing on their differing opinions for Luke. What’s your favorite cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Watch a LEGO Recap of STRANGER THINGS Season 2

Do you want to go back and refresh yourself of what happened in the second season of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things? Well, you can do it in less than 5 minutes and in LEGO form with the help of bookshelfproductions. It is important to note that this is not a perfect recap. Many things are dropped that are key to the plot and story. However, it’s a fun video that does help remind you the overall story of the second season without really spoiling anything. The video itself is fantastic and the stop motion is done very well. If you want or need a recap of the first season, you can watch their LEGO recap for that season here. What’s your five-minute recap of Stranger Things’ second season?

Watch Verne Troyer Burn Rubber In A Miniature Tesla

If you've been curious as to what Verne Troyer has been up to since Austin Powers and celebrity reality shows, here's your answer. Troyer has been an avid vlogger and doing a great job in showing how most little people get around in their day to day lives. He's also showing us dope stuff that he gets, like this miniature Model S Tesla which is every bit as amazing as it might sound. 

Watch Verne roll around in his sweet ride and see just how much work Tesla put into building a miniature model below!

Darude Reveals The Origins Of “Sandstorm” In Interesting Mini-Doc

Even if you don't know the name, you'll be pretty hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't know the song "Sandstorm," by Darude. The song is played ironically and unironically in clubs, video game compilations, and around 90% of sporting events, but how did it come to be? Vice contacted Darude and he explains his origins, which in turn explains how the song came to be. Check it out below, and let us know how "Sandstorm," has affected your life. 

Mod Your LEGO BB-8 for Remote Control Action

If you have the LEGO BB-8 Building Kit, you can modify it to add remote control functionality. It takes some work and extras like the SBRICK, but Sariel’s LEGO Workshop provides detailed instructions on how to get everything built as well as how to set it up on your phone. If you own a PlayStation 4, you can even set up the BB-8 RC to use your PS4 controller as an input. It’s important to note that BB-8 RC does not roll around like in the movies, but has wheels it rolls on. This makes it great on flat hard surfaces, but it makes it hard if not impossible to work on rugs and carpet. Is this a mod you’d be interested in?

The Mighty Dragon Shenron is on a Beach in France

Shenron is a magical dragon in Dragon Ball that is summoned once you have gathered all seven Dragon balls together. He is then able to grant you any one wish (until later when he can do 2). If that sounds pretty awesome, you should know that he has been “summoned” on a beach in Reville, France. Street artists Blesea and Baby K have painted Shenron’s head on a blockhouse on the beach and it looks amazing. In the photos you can see a before shot as a reference for you. Also, there’s a video from Mogab Productions you can watch that has a time-lapse of the artists at work. What would you wish for if you could summon the mighty Shenron?


Video Shows The Hidden Easter Eggs Of OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE, Don’t Worry It’s Not As Long As The Short

Judging by the amount of people that were complaining about the ridiculously long Disney short "Olaf's Frozen Adventure," that aired before Coco, it's safe to assume many weren't keeping an eye peeled for Easter Eggs that may have been spiked in there. If you're at all curious, this 40-second video will break down some of the major stuff you undoubtedly missed. Did you catch these things, or were you too busy gouging your eyes out in the theater?

Fantastic Poster for SEVEN DEADLY SINS Season 2 and New Details


I was a little late to the Seven Deadly Sins party, but I love that show now. I haven’t had the time to go back and read the 246 chapters of the manga, but I really liked the first season of the anime and was really disappointed when I went to watch season 2 and it was a four-episode OVA. By the time I had watched the anime it had already been out for about a year or two and with the current model of how we consume our entertainment, I was left feeling unsatisfied. However, we should soon be able to watch the true second season of this great anime. According to Inquisitr, season two will premiere January 6, 2018, on Netflix and I’m sure it will be awesome. With that release date in mind, Yonkou Productions released a poster the other day on their Twitter to help build the hype of Season 2 and it looks promising.

I’m excited to see Meliodas put that awesome looking dagger/short sword to use. From what I’ve gathered, the other person in the poster is named Zeldris and according to Anime Mojo:

[H]e plays an important part to the story. Zeldris is a warrior from the Demon clan who will oppose the Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins. The boy is also a member of the Demon King’s “Ten Commandments” and one of its strongest members.

If you haven’t seen this anime yet, I highly recommend it. Here’s a synopsis to give you a rough idea of what it has in store for you:

The Seven Deadly Sins were once an active group of knights in the region of Britannia, who disbanded after they supposedly plotted to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. Their supposed defeat came at the hands of the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that they were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup d’état and captured the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. The third princess, Elizabeth, then starts out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins and enlist their help in taking back the kingdom.

THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS Meet Metal in This Cover

I loved The Fairly Oddparents as a kid and I still love to see the occasional clip from the show. It brings a smile to my face. I will be honest and say that I'm not normally a fan of Jonathan Young. He tends to put too much reverb on his vocal tracks which bothers me. However, I really like his metal cover of the theme song for The Fairly Oddparents. He gets some crazy shredding thanks to ToxicXEternity and it sounds great. I think my favorite part though is the piano interlude/solo section. It helps bring back some of the jazzy elements of the original theme, but it doesn't feel terribly out of place.