Neill Blomkamp Releases Episode 3 of His CG Animated Sci-Fi Series ADAM

Neill Blompkamp's Oats Studios has released the third episode of a CG animated sci-fi series called ADAM, which Blomkamp created and directed. The series is developed using the real-time rendering engine called Unity, which is also used for the creation of video games. As you'll see, it offers some pretty cool visuals.

The series is set in the distant future, and the story revolves around a robot named Adam who confusingly wakes up to find he’s being released into a world with other robots just him. You can see that he’s a felon with a digital screen on his chest that reads, “Adam M. Thomas - Felony Code 227900". After they are released, they are confronted with two mysterious bounty hunter-type characters who remove the felony code and free them. 

Episode two follows our amnesiac hero as he discovers a clue about what and who he is. This third episode takes a very interesting and dark turn as we are introduced to a new tribe of human survivors in this post-apocalyptic world. Check it out!

To watch the two previously released episodes, click here.

Matthew Vaughn Is Interested in Directing The Sci-Fi Action Film COURAGE


The Kingsmen director Matthew Vaughn is interested in producing and potentially directing a new action sci-fi film called Courage. The script for the film comes from Stranger Things Executive producer Karl Gajdusek.

Deadline Hollywood reported that Vaughn is circling the project whose plot is being kept under tight wraps. The only information out there is that the film has an "epic premise, a drama in the vein of Inception and Edge of Tomorrow."

Vaughn is best known for directing both Kingsman films, Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class. He will produce Courage with Michael Ellenberg. No other details have reported, but we'll keep a close watch for more information on this one as it develops

Tommy Wiseau And James Franco Were On Jimmy Kimmel Together, And It Was Magical

If Tommy Wiseau is an elaborate stage act, you wouldn't know it from his interactions with James Franco. The two came together during Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about The Disaster Artist and this dude is just as much of a trip as you expect him to be. I used to think this was just some weird Andy Kaufman like routine, but he's just too bizarre and awkward for it to be anything but genuine. Watch the two interact below, and see The Disaster Artist December 8th. 

Mark Hamill Shares The Most Important Line in THE LAST JEDI and Endorses Sebastian Stan as Young Luke Skywalker

A lot of fans have been waiting to see Mark Hamill back in action as Luke Skywalker and Star Wars: The Last Jedi is going to give us that. We have no idea what to expect from his story arc, but Mark Hamill seemed very surprised by Luke Skywalker's role in the story after he had read the script. 

While appearing on Good Morning America, the actor talked about his role in the film a bit. He goes on to reveal what he thinks is the most important line is.

"In fact, the most important line, I think, Luke says, is, 'This is not going to go the way you think.' When I read the script, I was stunned."

We've all heard this line in the trailers that have been released, and it's going to be really interesting to see exactly how things do end up going! I guess we can expect the unexpected. The actor went on to talk about how he felt about only appearing in the final scene of The Force Awakens, saying:

"I thought, 'This is the most elaborate entrance of my career.' Everybody talks about me for two hours. I'm reading it and I kept marking down, 'The sword of Skywalker is too powerful, Skywalker must be stopped...everybody's talking about me!' It was a shock."

He then adds:

"It was a big surprise but I think there are much bigger surprises in The Last Jedi."

I can't wait to see what these big surprses are! 

Mark Hamill also endorsed Sebastian Stan as a young Luke Skywalker and Stan jokingly left Hamill a video message about Hamill being his dad. The actor went on to joke that Sebastian Stan is much too handsome to be compared to him, but then Hamill, openly endorsing the idea of the Stan taking over the role of Luke Skywalker.

As you may have seen, the internet had gone crazy about how much Stan looked like Hamill and it's hard to argue. If they ever did do a Luke Skywalker prequel film, which I hope the don't, Stan would be great in the role. 

Sony Brings On WATCHMEN Writer For SUPERFLY Remake

Sony continues to look for the next big hit and has now closed a development deal for the rights to the classic blaxploitation pic Superfly. Variety reports, that Sony has pegged Watchmen writer Alex Tse to write the script for the film that will be inspired by the 1972 classic that starred Ron O’Neal as Priest, a cocaine dealer looking to score one more super deal and retire.

The original film was directed by Gordon Parks Jr. who also happened to be the son of Gordon Parks, the man who directed one of the most iconic blaxploitation films of all time, the classic Shaft. 

Fun fact about Superfly, even though the film was a cult hit, it's soundtrack is considered to be one of the best of all time. Composed by R&B legend Curtis Mayfield, it is the ONLY soundtrack to make more money than its film earned at the box office.

Sony hopes this new take will lead to a series of films. Sony is also reportedly in the process of meeting with actors for the title role. 

If you want a taste of what the classic movie was like, here is the trailer:

The HELLBOY Reboot Release Date Has Been Confirmed!


Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment have confirmed that the release date for director Neil Marshall's Hellboy reboot! That release date is January 11th, 2019. This is the same date that was rumored a few months ago, before we got an e-mail from Lionsgate saying it wasn't the confirmed release date. But, now it is.

I've liked everything that I've seen and heard about the film. David Harbour looks freakin' awesome as Hellboy. I love the design of the character! I'm looking forward to seeing how exactly Hellboy will be portrayed in the film. Harbour previously talked about how he wanted to incorporate some Shakespearian elements into the character:

"On a surface level, he’s an adopted kid from hell. He was meant to bring about the apocalypse. Yet, he just wants to be a good guy and fight evil. But he has this destiny. That struggle is very Hamlet-esque, even having tones of Coriolanus, where you have this guy who cannot understand his own true nature. Those levels of complexity, if we can bring that to this movie, which we’re trying to do, I think will be really rich."

The movie also stars Ian McShane as Professor Broom, Milla Jovovich as the Nimue, Blood Queen, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, Penelope Mitchell as Ganeida, a witch who has decided that the Blood Queen's wrath has gone on for too long, and Daniel Dae Kim will play Major Ben Daimio.

It's been said that this Hellboy film will be a much closer adaptation of Mike Mignola's comic series, which is why Mignola was looking to reboot the film franchise. The film will have a dark and gruesome tone, and Marshall's goal is also to implement practical effects as much as he can. Then there's the R-rating that was pre-approved so that Marshall would have the creative freedom to do what he wants with the story.

To catch up on all the previous Hellboy movie news, click here.

Via: THR

Hugh Jackman and Willem Dafoe Talk About The Evolution of Superhero Movies

Comic book movies have not always been the guaranteed success that they are now. They used to not be a thing at all, but thankfully they caught on (now if only we could get movies that aren’t from comics). Hugh Jackman and Willem Dafoe sat down for Variety’s Actors on Actors show to discuss their earliest workings in these movies. Jackman, of course, is famous for his role as Wolverine which started back in 2000 and Dafoe was the notorious Green Goblin in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man that premiered in 2002. Both actors talk about how they love doing these movies even though no one was sure if superhero movies were going to be a thing. Dafoe recalled, “When ‘Spider-Man’ was proposed to me originally it was like, ‘Really, you’re going to make a movie from a comic book? It was like I was slumming it, you know? I didn’t see it that way, but some people were like, ‘Really?'”

Jackman shared his thoughts about the early start of superhero films thusly:

Ten years ago I remember hearing people say, ‘I don’t think this will last much longer,’ and it’s just continued to grow. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. I think ‘X-Men’ did a lot, particularly when it opened up in a concentration camp and the idea that we were taking it seriously in terms of more humanistic rather than superhuman.

Dafoe also accredits part of the success to the universality of the themes of the film as well as the visually appealing sets. Meanwhile, Jackman credits the work Christopher Nolan did on the Dark Knight trilogy to help break out of one specific genre. Watch the clip below of you can watch the full video here. What do you think caused the success of these stories?



If you watched David Fincher's Netflix series Mindhunter, there's no doubt that Cameron Britton's haunting performance of serial killer Ed Kemper left an impact on you. He was so amazing in that role and he's just landed a big movie role in Sony Pictures' The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo sequel, The Girl in the Spider's Web.

Cameron Britton will join Claire Foy (The Crown) who is taking on the role of Lisbeth Salander. He will also join Sylvia Hoeks (Blade Runner 2049), who is playing Salander’s twin sister and Claes Bang (The Square) as the villain.

According to Variety, Britton will play a close associate of Lisbeth, described as "a computer expert to whom she reaches out when she needs assistance." This sounds like a role that will suit him perfectly. Here's a description of the story:

A genius hacker who has always been an outsider. A journalist with a penchant for danger. She is Lisbeth Salander, the girl with the dragon tattoo. He is Mikael Blomkvist, crusading editor of Millennium. One night, Blomkvist receives a call from a source who claims to have been given information vital to the United States by a young female hacker. Blomkvist, always on the lookout for a story, reaches out to Salander for help. She, as usual, has plans of her own. Together they are drawn into a ruthless underworld of spies, cybercriminals, and government operatives—some willing to kill to protect their secrets.

The Girl in the Spider's Web is being directed by Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead, Don't Breathe) and it's scheduled to hit theaters on October 18th, 2018.

New Photo of Benicio Del Toro’s THE LAST JEDI Character and He’s Described as a Being Like a Knife


Thanks to Empire we have a new photo from director Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It features Benicio Del Toro's character known as DJ. He's one of those shady characters who will be playing both sides. The character was initially described as follows:

“DJ is an enigmatic figure whose tattered, threadbare clothes and lackadaisical attitude conceal a sharp mind and expert skills.”

We also know that he will be a part of the mission involving Finn and Rose as they embark on on a journey to the wealthy, gambling resort city of Canto Bight. DJ is also said to be a "slicer" and John Boyega previously explained:

“We just need a codebreaker and he’s the best in the galaxy. Unfortunately, he’s very dodgy and only in it for financial gain. He doesn’t fight for any side."

We now have a bit more information on the type of person that DJ is. While talking to Empire, Del Toro said: 

"This character could come straight out of a Bob Dylan or Tom Waites song, or even a Dostoyevsky novel. He’s like something out of Dickens; there have been characters like him in all kinds of literature. He’s like a knife: if you grab him by the blade, he’ll cut you. If you grab him by the handle, he can be very, very useful." 

I love that description of DJ being like a knife! He sounds like a very intriguing character and I'm looking forward to seeing how his story arc plays out in the film. 

Armie Hammer’s Manhood Kept Falling Out of His Shorts Had to be Digitally Edited Out of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

download (1).jpeg

Call Me By Your Name has been in theaters for less than a week, and already it's managed to make Armie Hammer and his absurdly short shorts iconic among audiences. But that didn't come without any slips.

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen on Sirius XM Radio Hammer explained how the length of his shorts turned out to be a real problem, something even his Mom would cringe at. They were so teeny weeny, his balls were apparently popping out of them repeatedly during filming.

Hammer was joined by his co-stars Timothée Chalamet and Michael Stuhlbarg, and director Luca Guadagnino, to talk about the film. Aside from talking about the movie's more serious homosexual love story, the crew spent a solid minute going over the intricacies of Hammer's wardrobe malfunction.

"There was a few times where they had to go back and digitally remove my balls from the movie. They were short shorts. What’re you gonna do?"

The film's director Guadagnino said Hammer's shorts weren't completely to blame, he told Cohen, "it's both things."

"Short shorts and big balls is what you’re saying."

Call Me By Your Name is now in theaters!