Marvel Studios’ Creative Committee Wanted James Gunn To Cut The Awesome Soundtrack in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!


For years, the filmmaking teams working on the Marvel Studios' films were getting a lot of input and notes from Marvel's Creative Committee led by Ike Perlmutter was a thorn in their side, which is why Kevin Feige eventually had Disney cut ties with them. Feige ended up orchestrating a move with Disney and CEO Bob Iger to make Marvel Studios a separate entity which would only report to Disney.

One of the more ridiculous things that the Marvel Creative Committee wanted to do is have James Gunn ditch his amazing soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy! James Gunn told Vanity Fair that the committee was “a group of comic-book writers and toy people” who gave him “haphazard” notes. As you know, the Guardians soundtrack, "Awesome Mix Vol. 1", ended up going Platinum. 

This committee also consisted of Marvel Comics Publisher Dan Buckley, Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Marvel Entertainment President Alan Fine and writer Brian Michael Bendis. This Creative Committee is still a part of all the Marvel TV shows, which could explain a few things. 

It doesn't make sense that they would watch to cut that soundtrack. It was a major component of the film, and I can't even imagine what the movie would have been like without those classic 60s and 70s tunes. It's a great thing that Feige and Gunn ended up winning that battle and ultimately filled the movie with that wonderful music!