The First Official GODZILLA Store is Opening Up in Tokyo Next Month!


You know what the world has been missing? A store that is completely focused on Godzilla and Godzilla merchandise! Well, the first official Godzilla retail shop is now a reality and it will open next month on October 30th in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s called Godzilla Store Tokyo and it will be located in Shinjuku on the first floor of the Shinjuku Toho Building, which is the perfect location as the building has a giant Godzilla head on top of it!

According to Moviche, the store will feature around 500 Godzilla items for sale, some of them will be exclusive to the store.

One day I need to go to Japan. There's just so much cool stuff there that I want to see and I've never been. 

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Via: Kotaku