Zack Snyder Will Not Be Doing Press For JUSTICE LEAGUE


Justice League is only two months from hitting theaters which means the studio will start ramping up marketing campaigns and press events. With the behind-the-scenes director shuffle from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon, the question arises... who will be the one to promote the film to the press. Well, it looks like SuperbroMovies got the answer we were all wondering.

SuperbroMovies reached out to Snyder’s publicist to ask if Snyder would be speaking with the press in promotion of the new movie, and received this answer:

“Zack will not be doing any press for Justice League, but thank you for asking.”

Snyder left the production of Justice League in May following a family disaster, announcing he was spending more time with his family. His daughter Autumn took her own life a few months earlier and Snyder said the tragedy took a major toll on his family.

Whedon took over the film after that and ever since there have been many reports and rumors regarding just how much of the movie was being reshot. Now Whedon is also receiving credit as a co-writer on the film’s script alongside Chris Terrio.

Reshoots are still underway with only two months before the film premieres in theaters. But some reports say the reshoots are taking so long because the schedules of these high profile actors are difficult to line up.

Justice League premieres November 17th.