Fantastic Video Series Explores Cary Funkunaga’s Unproduced Adaptation of Stephen King’s IT

Before director Andy Muschietti jumped on board to write and direct the feature film adaptation of IT, the movie was being developed for years by True Detective creator Cary Funkunaga. I was actually really excited about his vision for the film, but Muschietti ended up making a hell of a great film that audiences are loving.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the alternate version of the film that was being developed Funkunaga, a great video series has surfaced from LowRes W√ľnderbred called "Deconstructing Cary Funkunaga's IT." 

The series offers us some insight into the development of the film that I'm sure many of you will find interesting. I completely forgot that at one point they were looking at casting Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One) in the role of Pennywise The Clown! That would've certainly been interesting! 

The series also dives into the different drafts of the script that were written and as you'll find there were some major departures from the book. For example in one script, Richie Tozier and Stanley Uris were combined into one character! After watching these videos, I'm kind of glad that Funkunaga didn't make the film. I think Stephen King fans would have been pissed. 

I'm incredibly happy and satisfied with the film we ended up with.

Via: /Film