Zack Snyder Shares a Teaser Trailer For a Short Film He Made Called SNOW STEAM IRON

Director Zack Snyder recently shared a teaser trailer for a short film that he made called Snow Steam Iron. The director said he made the film with his talented family and friends over the weekend and there was no budget. 

Zack Snyder, getting out there and making short films just because he loves it! That's passion my friends and it's awesome! You don't really see big A-list filmmakers do stuff like this anymore. He's just going out there doing what he loves to do with his family friends. That's pretty cool and I gotta respect him for going back to the basics. 

There are no other details on the project other than what you see in the trailer and the poster below. I'm certainly intrigued! The short film will be released soon and I'm looking forward to learning more and checking it out.

Watch the teaser and let me know what you think!