Pennywise The Clown’s Smile from IT is Even Creepier Without His Makeup


A lot of people hit theaters this weekend to catch a showing of It. And its already breaking records and making its way into the realm of instant classic. That also means that a lot of people saw Bill Skarsgard portray the iconic clown Pennywise. But, what you haven't seen is why Skarsgard likely got the part in the first place, his Pennywise smile. Skarsgard recently appeared on a Swedish Radio series PP3, and the radio series shared a look of Skarsgard doing it without any makeup on.

Director Andy Muschietti reportedly cast Skarsgard because felt he embodied the character, bringing in two traits that were necessary to bring Pennywise to life. Those traits were none other than unpredictability and madness, which you can see here:

Bill Skarsgårds min (döpt till Jörgen) som han använde i rollen som Pennywise i DET. Tydligen något som bara några få i Skarsgårdsfamiljen kan! *SCRATT*

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