Dana Carvey Says Shooting The “Bohemian Rhapsody” Scene in WAYNE’S WORLD Was “Pure Torture”


One of the greatest and most iconic scenes to come out of the 1992 film Wayne's World was the "Bohemian Rhapsody" sequence. Ever since I saw that movie, every time I heard that classic Queen song, I think of the scene in the movie and I immediately start to imitate it and start banging my head. Don't judge me! You know you all do the same thing! 

Just in case you want to watch the scene again I included it below. It features the whole Wayne's World crew driving in the Pinto, lip-synching the song, and banging their heads. Apparently shooting this scene was torture for Dana Carvey, who played Garth in the film.

While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the actor revealed: 

"Nah, it was pure torture. You know I was not 14 at the time, although in the first page of the script it says Garth finally gets his pubes---I'm like 35. We went out there, some town, East of LA and we just sort of started doing that [headbang motion]. After the fifth hour, yeah, two vertebrae actually just popped out of the back and hit Mike Myers in his eye. No, but yeah it was very, very, very, very painful. And also the fact that I had not memorized the lyrics of the song."

He never memorized the lyrics!? He went on to say that he just moved his mouth up and down to make it look like he was lip-syncing. That's pretty damn funny. But, I imagine banging your head up and down for several hours could get hard and it's not hard to imagine that it would lead to massive pain. 

Regardless, he went through that pain to bring us so much joy and happiness for years!