AMC is Developing a Series Based on The Black Lives Matter Movement

AMC is developing a new series that will be based on the Black Lives Matter movement. According to Deadline, the series will be based on a novel by Wesley Lowrey called, They Can't Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America's Racial Justice Movement

The show will be called They Can't Kill Us All and it will reflect on "current events and race relations through the stories and voices of fictional characters." The show is being developed by Brad Weston’s Makeready and writer LaToya Morgan (Into the Badlands, Turn: Washington’s Spies).

Here's a full description from the book that the series will be based on:

Conducting hundreds of interviews during the course of over one year reporting on the ground, Washington Post writer Wesley Lowery traveled from Ferguson, Missouri, to Cleveland, Ohio; Charleston, South Carolina; and Baltimore, Maryland; and then back to Ferguson to uncover life inside the most heavily policed, if otherwise neglected, corners of America today.
In an effort to grasp the magnitude of the repose to Michael Brown’s death and understand the scale of the problem police violence represents, Lowery speaks to Brown’s family and the families of other victims other victims’ families as well as local activists. By posing the question, “What does the loss of any one life mean to the rest of the nation?” Lowery examines the cumulative effect of decades of racially biased policing in segregated neighborhoods with failing schools, crumbling infrastructure and too few jobs.

This is sure to end up being both a powerful and controversial series. I guess it all depends on your point of view of the Black Lives Matters movement. Regardless, AMC has a proven record for developing great series, so it's highly likely that this will be a great show worth checking out.