A Space Mechanic is Reminded of Her Dreams of Space Exploration in Beautifully Animated Short Film BURN OUT

I've got a new beautifully animated short film for you to watch today called Burn Out. It comes from Gobelins animation school and this is the synopsis that came along with the short:

Stella, a space mechanician, has broken down and ended on a desert planet. While she is in despair, a little girl appears out of nowhere. Following the child into a tunnel, in the depths of the planet, she discovers a big cave full of objects that belonged to her, reminding her the dreams she has left behind.

This is a very sweet story about not giving up on your dreams and it's wonderfully executed. I know I still have dreams of things that I want to accomplish in life. Sometimes it gets frustrating when you try and try but things never seem to happen. That's just a part of life. We learn from our failures and move forward. Yeah, it's hard, but it's supposed to be! 

Anyway, if any of you have any dreams in life, don't give up on them no matter how hard or frustrating it might be to obtain.