Taika Waititi States He Isn’t Worried About THOR: RAGNAROK Fitting in the Larger MCU; Plus There’s a New IMAX Poster

Marvel's MCU is pretty cool, but having such a wide universe can cause some problems. One of those problems being that audiences feel they have to watch all of movies in the cinematic universe to be able to get what is going on in the newest film. But that isn't something that director Taika Waititi wants you to worry about with Thor: Ragnarok.

Taika Waititi recently made a statement regarding the movie and how it's supposed to fit into the larger universe that makes up the MCU. In short, he's not concerned with it at all.

"My job is to make a film that can sit alone as a standalone piece that obviously I’ll be proud of. But I want it to be a film that, if it’s the only Marvel film you see, that it’s a great film and it’s a great story in and of itself. The lucky thing is that there are a bunch of geniuses who run Marvel who make sure that it even if it’s a standalone piece, it is part of a great big jigsaw puzzle that could be appreciated as a whole as well."

I think that's awesome. Too many films worry about fitting in. I'm glad to hear Taika is doing his own thing with this, and even more happy that Marvel is letting him. In the past, Marvel has taken issue with directors wanting to make their own movie with the characters in their own way. To hear that they have eased up on Ragnarok's director has shown that maybe they are starting to understand the point of creative freedom. 

This especially gives me hope for future films made by Marvel. I now can at least believe that future directors won't be kicked off their own project because it doesn't fit quite right. Hooray for Marvel! Hooray for Taika! Hooray for this new IMAX poster that was released as well. Pretty cool.

Via: We Got This Covered