VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER is Getting a VR Games Called VOLTRON VR CHRONICLES and Here’s the Trailer!

If you're a fan of DreamWorks' Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender, you're going to want to get in on this new VR game come to PlayStation VR! It's called DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles and it looks and sounds like it would be a lot of fun to play, especially if you enjoy watching the series! Here are the details that were released along with the announcement trailer:

Become a Paladin of Voltron and experience a unique story created exclusively for VR. Join Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Keith, and Shiro from DreamWorks’ “Voltron: Legendary Defender” as you battle dangerous intergalactic threats!
Enjoy an immersive Voltron narrative that places you in iconic locations from DreamWorks’ “Voltron: Legendary Defender,” alongside your favorite characters. Pilot the Blue Lion in fierce space battles, stand on the bridge of the Castle Ship and solve interactive puzzles and challenges along the way.
When Lance discovers the remains of a lost alien race deep within enemy space, he releases an unstoppable force that threatens the Paladins and Voltron. Jump into the heart of the adventure, fight back against the corrupt force of Zarkon, and unravel the ancient mystery in this epic intergalactic experience.
In DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles, the fate of Voltron and the Universe rests in your hands!

I'd actually be really excited to play this... if I owned a PlayStation VR set up! I've been thinking about forking over some cash for one, but, you know, it's not cheap. Regardless, anyone that does own a PS VR or has access to one should check this out! 

SUICIDE SQUAD 2 May Not Start Shooting Until Fall 2018 Because of Will Smith


We've heard that Suicide Squad 2 is being fast-tracked into production, but it's beginning to look like the sequel will most likely not start shooting for another year. Variety‘s Justin Kroll has reported on Twitter that the film isn’t expected to begin production until fall 2018 at the earliest. The reason? Will Smith is a busy guy! He will be working on several other projects including his role as The Genie in Disney and director Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin remake.

Suicide Squad director David Ayer is not involved with the sequel. DC is also developing a spinoff film featuring Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn – who, along with Smith’s Deadshot, were the standouts of the first Suicide Squad movie. 

Suicide Squad did well at the box office but was demolished by critics and had its origins in the pre-Geoff Johns regime of the DCEU. And because there is a stockpile of DC Comics films that are currently in some stage of development, ranging from David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! to a stand alone Joker origin film, it’s easy to see why there is no rush to make Suicide Squad 2.

Luke Skywalker Has a Darker Grim Look in New Photo From STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

Luke Skywalker-the-last-jedi-rock-on-GT

A new photo from Star Wars: The Last Jedi has surfaced online featuring Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker and it gives us a very cool look at the character. 

The image came from a Hungarian movie magazine cover, and it shows a dark and grim looking version of the character. That doesn't mean he's gone bad, though! A lot of fans seem to see this look of Luke wearing all black and think that he's turned to the dark side. I seriously doubt that's the case. This isn't the first time that Luke has worn all black and sported a grim look. Remember Return of the Jedi

Even though I don't see Luke turning to the dark side, I'm still incredibly curious to know where this next chapter of the Star Wars saga leads him. I have a feeling it will be unexpected. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to hit theatres on December 15th.

Impression: NO MAN’S SKY Atlas Rising and Further Updates Are Both Great and Upsetting

As many No Man's Sky fans (or non fans by now) will know, we have been treated to a special updated called Atlas Rising. Since then, we have had several more updates fixing bugs and problems encountered in the game ever since that update. 

Here is some of my own gameplay showing some of the new features in the game, as well as showing off my base and freighter:

This video shows the game exactly after I started it up once the Atlas Rising and Update 1.34 were completed. Atlas Rising boasts some new missions, graphics, interfaces and discoveries. Here are some things I was really impressed, and upset, with.


First of all, all the user interfaces really look amazing. There are so many to choose between, such as the flight mode in your space ship with the new radar imagery and parking assists, to the Galaxy map that has been updated with planet orbits around suns, to the scanner for discoveries. The graphics department has really upped the tools to a point where they are once again enjoyable to use more than once. To me this was the most enjoyable part of the update


On the one hand, I was really glad that new missions had been added. After I started the game up, there was a clear indication that new missions were available throughout the galaxy. That's nice. When I walked around my base, flew to my local Space Station and visited my local Atlas interface, I was hoping to find some news of where to activate these missions. Alas, no one spoke to me at all about them. I flew around my system, scanning planets and hoping to find some news on the new missions. All I heard was the flutter of cosmic dust and some pirates that eventually wanted my loot.

It took me some time (and Google, which I hate doing for games, but I hate flying around unnecessarily more), until I discovered what I needed to do to 'activate' the mission. SPOILER ALERT...... I needed to fly around among various star systems until a message appeared on my console to meet 'the stranger'. Once I had activated it, the missions progressed as they normally do and I was happy and intrigued again.


This is my official rant session. Atlas Rising includes new biomes for planets. That's fine. BUT....what I did not like was that they completely fu... MESSED UP my planet in a big way. Did you see the large soap bubbles floating around my planet. That wasn't there before. Not such a big problem though. What is a major issue for me is that I had picked that planet for four reasons:

  1.  It was in a Red Star System;
  2. It was rich in fauna;
  3. There were loads of water and flora and the planet was gorgeous;
  4. It was rich in resources.

As you can see, all the green and colorful flora are gone. If you pay even more careful attention on my discovery log in the video, you will see that I actually spent time finding and discovering 10 of the 11 species on the planet. Now, look to the left on that screen, and you will see the planet is now devoid of any animal lifeforms. I discovered 10 species that no longer exist. My planet was hit by a massive soapy asteroid and killed every living being except me.

This severely chafes my innards. My planet is now boring and dull. I have no idea why they had to do this or what, if any logic was behind this, but this was completely unnecessary. Yes, I could fly around and find a new planet and rebuild my base, but I don't want to. If the developers can so easily erase everything you had going on a planet, then they can do so again. I officially don't care enough about No Man's Sky to want to play it ever again, even after I have spent obsessive hours playing it.



The one thing you may notice on my base is that some of my workers are not by their terminals. No, I did not grant them leave. When I started up, actually all of my workers were gone. Clearly as a result of the said soapy asteroid collision. This didn't upset me as much as the terraform of my planet, as regaining them was just a matter of recruiting again.

What was more upsetting is that ALL of the missions for these guys had been reset. I had to start all the worker quests all over again, meaning having to find locations and exotic plants again. Once again, so unnecessary. If I wanted to redo things, I would have gone to the centre of the galaxy, entered a black hole and restarted the game.


One great new feature is the trading system. Star systems now have economic classes based on what can be found and what is lacking. Before, I mainly wasted time at a space station buying and selling goods to make millions of credits and then spend it on my tools and spaceship. This new trading system is a remarkable upgrade and makes economics so much easier.


When I saw that Update 1.34 was being installed, I really hope it would fix the things that really angered me. Alas, t'is a fool's dream. They simply changed some errors with the new missions, some problems with interfaces, some graphical anomalies, issues associated with activating quests... Yeah the update list is long and boring, but significantly just points out how bad the Atlas Rising update was when launched.


There were hundreds of other upgrades, but they will not be explored by me. From the gas harvesting,  to the new mineral resources and fauna, to the weird freighters that have crashed on my planet... I don't care. They could have done all these wonderful upgrades and left my planet alone. Maybe I am being prissy... yes I can go find another planet as said before. But if I am going to be forced to relocate every time such an update comes along, you can forget it. I haven't even bothered trying to work out how to change the terrain, because once again the game doesn't explain it at all (or at least not in a way that I can find without Google), and I am just tired of having to hunt for instructions on how to play the game.


Some great enhancements to the game, and wonderful new features that really make the game spectacular and worth travelling through. They should have just left my planet alone....



This Proof of Concept Trailer For an Animated TERMINATOR Film Called EXTERMINATION Has Potential

Animated versions of sci-fi movies are often hit or miss. We've seen plenty of sci-fi films play with animation like Matrix's the AnimatrixStarship Troopers, Rambo the animated series, and um.. Robocop the animated series. Whether it's done with animation or CGI, it can be an interesting way to tell new stories, and that is what Bruce Stirling and John Knox are trying to do with the Terminator franchise.

This animated trailer serves as a proof of concept for a Terminator film project called Extermination and it has a lot of good concepts, great art, and some decent voice acting. They are obviously trying to make something fresh and good. I wholly support this idea, or rather, I support the making of something good with Terminator. The past few movies haven't been good, so a new animated film could change things up and make it interesting.

As you know James Cameron and Deadpool director Tim Miller are currently developing a new Terminator film trilogy, but I think there's still room for an animated project like this as well. 

Check out the proof of concept trailer below. What do you think? Sound off below.

The Joker Origin Film Described as “Super Dark and Real” and Rumored To Feature The Classic Villain as a Kid

It was recently announced that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. were developing a Joker origin film with producer Martin Scorsese and director Todd Phillips. I was actually pretty shocked by this news, mostly because of the talent involved with it. For some reason, I never thought I'd see Scorsese involved with a comic book film project like this. 

We already know that the movie will feature a different actor in the role other than Jared Leto, and that actor would possibly be younger. According to some new information that has surfaced, we might just be seeing The Joker as a kid. 

The following information comes from an unlikely source. That source is MMA Fighter turned actor Brendan Schaub, who is apparently friends with Todd Phillips’ agent Todd Feldman, which is where he got his information. While a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, Schaub dropped the following bit of info:

"It’s dark. It’s like a dark Joker. As a kid, he had a permanent smile and everyone made fun of him. It’s like on the streets of Brooklyn. It’s super dark and real."

One thing I think we can all expect from a Joker origin film is a darkness. The Joker is a dark character, so it's not surprising to hear him say it's going to be dark. But then there are the other details he offers that are intriguing like seeing the Joker as a kid with a permanent smile on his face.

Is this origin film really going to go all the way back to the time when The Joker was a little kid in elementary school? That would certainly be interesting! If this is true, it sounds to me like they are going in the direction of The Joker being born with that terrifying smile on his face. 

This is all just a rumor for now, but what do you think about the possibility of seeing a Joker origin film that may feature that character as a child?

Via: Batman-News

You Gotta Watch This Hilariously Bad DESTINY 2 Commercial GameStop Made


GameStop is trying its best to promote Destiny 2 pre-orders ahead of launch, and apparently, its best is pretty bad. I think it's best to go into this one without too much background, so check out the short commercial, then continue on below for the breakdown as to how bad this is: 

What the hell was that? Two dudes, who look like Sims are watching a girl play Destiny 2 and commenting on the number of kills she's gotten? Is that a thing people do? Then, it all leads up to a punchline where the guy can't count so he should definitely defer to the Ghost kill tracker to keep track of all the noobs he's wrecking in game. 


Where did these voice actors come from? What was the budget of this commercial? Who is going to see this and be like "HELL YEAH, I NEED THAT."? 

Perhaps it's just best not to overthink it and laugh about how bad it is. 

Source: Destructoid


First Teaser Trailer For Matt Damon’s New Film DOWNSIZING in Which He Shrinks Himself For a Better Life


The first teaser trailer has been released for Matt Damon's hilarious-looking new film Downsizing. The movie comes from director Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants) and it's a very different kind of film than anything that he's done before.

The movie is a social satire in which couple decides to shrink themselves in order to live a better life. I got to watch about 10 minutes of footage from the film earlier this year at Cinema Con and I loved what I saw! This looks like a great film that will give us an amusing and interesting story. You can watch our reaction video for it here.

Here's a brief synopsis that was released:

When scientists discover how to shrink humans to five inches tall as a solution to over-population, Paul (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) decide to abandon their stressed lives in order to get small and move to a new downsized community — a choice that triggers life-changing adventures.

When previously talking about the film, the director compares his film to something you might see in Black Mirror, but without the sci-fi feeling:

"The basic premise is a very delicious one, and it’s the premise that saw Jim and me through the many years to get this made… it’s very much like the previous movie Jim and I did, in that it takes something inherently absurd and ridiculous, but tells it with utter earnestness… kind of like what you see in Black Mirror. Some episodes of Black Mirror take a premise and run with it, but I’m not interested in the science fiction feeling; I always aspire to make a Hal Ashby or a Robert Altman movie, and the plot has a certain episodic structure."

The film has a fantastic cast that also includes Kristen Wiig, Christoph WaltzLaura DernAlec BaldwinJason SudeikisNeil Patrick Harris, and Udo Kier.

Downsizing opens in theaters on December 22.

Warner Bros. Brings on New Writer to “Polish” JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Script


At one time Warner Bros. had Gerard Johnstone on their short list of directors for Justice League Dark, but now the studio has been tapped him to polish the script.

Variety reports that the studio was interested in Johnstone touching up the script based on his presentation on the project. The studio has been looking at directors over the past couple of months after Doug Liman left the project to focus on Lionsgate’s Chaos Walking. They haven't really liked anything that they have been pitched, though.  

Little is know about the plot of Justice League Dark, in the comic books the “Dark Universe” focuses on the supernatural superhero team of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon. The film will play a major role in the DC Cinematic Universe.

This could be a pretty interesting-type of superhero movie that we really have yet to see in any of the superhero genre films.

It was previously reported that Doctor Strange writer Jon Spaiths was working on the script for the film, but that rumor has since been debunked. 

Ben Affleck Looking to Direct Afghanistan War Film RED PLATOON; Casey Affleck Could Possibly Star


Ben Affleck has got a new film project that he's set his sights on to direct. According to The Tracking Board, he's in early talks to direct a war film called Red Platoon. The movie is set up at Sony Pictures and it would be his first non-Warner Bros. film project since he started directing movies.

Insiders are also saying that the studio is looking at Ben's brother Casey Affleck to star in the film. Here's a description of the story that the film will tell:

Based on the memoir by Clinton Romesha, Red Platoon tells the story of the Battle of Kamdesh, which took place during the War in Afghanistan. On Oct. 3, 2009, more than 300 Taliban fighters launched a predawn raid on Outpost Keating, a remote and controversial American outpost near the Afghan-Pakistani border, overrunning its perimeter defenses and breaching its wire. Staff Sgt. Romesha, a husband and father of three children, planned and led a small band of soldiers in a counterattack against seemingly insurmountable odds, saving dozens of American lives, and ultimately receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions.

I absolutely love stories like this! Ben is a talented director and Casey has got some mad acting skills. Ben previously directed his brother in the 2007 film Gone Baby Gone and that was the last time that they worked together. This seems like a great project for both Affleck's to take on and I hope they end up doing it.