Learn How To Make That Amazing Chocolate Dish From GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL

Remember that super cool looking treat from Grand Budapest Hotel? To be frank, it's one of the few things I remember from the film as I attempted to watch it when I was way too tired to jump into such an artsy and presumably wonderful film. Those of you who remember it more fondly can see Andrew Rea make it below, and attempt to make it yourself. I suggest you do because it looks pretty damn delicious! 

In Depth Video Essay Explores The Deeper Meaning of Brad Bird’s TOMORROWLAND

Brad Bird and Disney's 2015 sci-fi adventure film Tomorrowland is an underrated film that I actually really enjoyed. It also inspired me to write an editorial on supporting original filmmaker that you can read here.

The video gives us an in-depth analysis that explains the deeper meaning that lies within the film.It makes some interesting connections to American mythologist Joseph Campbell. His work covers many aspects of the human experience and in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he discusses his theory of the journey of the archetypal hero found in world mythologies.

This video is actually really quite fascinating and it might help you appreciate Tomorrowland a little more. Check it out!

Video Examines Who The Parents Are Of The DUCKTALES Boys


Who are the parents of Huey, Dewey and Louie? It's a question worth asking considering the boys are always with their uncle Donald and their great-uncle Scrooge. Clearly, there's a missing sibling of Donald Duck, but who is this mysterious person and why are they never around? This video looks to give some clarity and share some history in regards to that question, and if you got time to kill today watching a DuckTales video...it's worth your time. 

This Baby Baptism Dubbed With THE BIG LEBOWSKI Is The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

I've sat on this meme video for a day wondering if it was worth any grief I may get for posting it on the site, but I've decided it's just too funny to not share. Baby baptisms are usually a chill affair, but this especially aggressive man of God gives this baby a dunking that only seems slightly less brutal than the scene in The Big Lebowski! That's a connection I never would have made mind you had I not seen this clip, so watch the video below and die laughing like I have all day. 

Awesome Movie Action Sequences Redone in the Style of the GUARDIANS OF THE GLAXY VOL. 2 Opening Sequence

In honor of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 being released on Blu-ray and DVD, I was searching the internet just to watch that opening number with the great ELO song Mr. Blue Sky, when I came across a number of videos that took that same song and gave other movies a similar style opening.

I think it is really funny. Some work better than others, but they all follow a similar trend. They each have a violent fight scene undercut by the great ELO song. All of them do a freeze frame title cut right at the beginning of the fight and then lay out credits around the film. I know I'm a bit late to this party, but it still brings me great joy to watch these. I've included just a few below, but this has become a full blown meme by now and you can find plenty. This is the song I want played whenever I decide to go crazy and fight a bunch of people. Check it out.

Spider-Man Battles Thugs With Crazy Web Mods in Fun Fan-Made Short Film

In the process of saving a woman from a group of thugs, Spider-Man shows off some of his wicked new web mods. While taking on the group of thugs Spidey shocks, burns, and blows up the assailants. The short is a bit cheesy but it adds to the charm. Check it out!

We all know Spider-Man is an inventive super hero, but he takes it to another level by testing some modded web types. Enjoy!

Watch James Cameron Describe His Long-Time Friend and Colleague Bill Paxton

James Cameron sat down with Yahoo Movies and reflected on his long-time friend and colleague Bill Paxton who passed away earlier this year due to surgery complications. Cameron said he viewed Paxton as “the consummate artist” who had a “deep appreciation for art and culture” that wasn’t just limited to the cinema. The director said that Paxton was a one-of-a-kind person who he easily and quickly became good friends with beginning in 1981, when both of them were still working for legendary B-movie producer Roger Corman. He said their friendship lasted for decades, and was still strong at the time of the Paxton's death. Cameron said the last time he spoke with Paxton was the night before the heart surgery that tragically ended the actor’s life at age 61.

Paxton and Cameron worked together on some of the directors most successful and iconic films starting with 1984's The Terminator, Aliens, True Lies, and Titanic.

Social Media Turns Deadly in a Horror Short Film #NotAlone

I've got a fun little horror short film for you to check out today called #NotAlone. It follows a teenage girl who takes a selfie while she is home alone. When she uploads on to social media with #HomeAlone she realizes that she is #NotAlone...

The film preys on the fear of not being safe when you're alone at home. I also kind of enjoyed the ending. It's a little on the cheesy side, but it worked for me. Check it out and tell us what you think!

ECHO: 3rd Person SciFi Action Where The Enemy Is YOU


Imagine running through a level where the enemies become increasingly difficult and mimic your every move. This is Echo, a third person science fiction action game where you are the enemy. Every move and every kill is recorded and remembered. Survived the level? Next time you load up, you will have more enemies that mimic the same actions you took on your previous run. It is an intriguing twist on level progression and difficulty causing the player to think twice before acting out. Check out the new gameplay footage w/ developer commentary below...read more on GameTyrant