Netflix Renews Drew Barrymore’s SANTA CLARITA DIET For a Second Season

If you haven't watched the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet yet, you've gotta check it out because it's a super entertaining comedic gore fest! I love the concept of the series and the storytelling and writing for it are fantastically executed. It's also very fun and clever and isn't afraid to be bold and try new, crazy, and different things.

I'm happy to report that Netflix has released a fun little promo announcing that they will be developing Season 2. The promo asks if we're ready for seconds, and I've gotta say... yes I am! 

In the series, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play Sheila and Joel, a married couple, who are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. Things take a dark turn for them when Sheila goes through a “dramatic change” and becomes a flesh-eating zombie. It's explained that "while they tend to their open houses and teenage daughter, the couple must sate Sheila’s unbridled id and undead hunger, first with raw meat and, eventually, the human kind."

Season 2 is set to premiere in 2018.

Watch: Comparison of the Shower Scenes in PSYCHO and BATES MOTEL

Major spoilers for Bates Motel coming up, so turn back now if you don't want to know what happens.

Bates Motel has been a prequel leading up to the infamous shower scene as depicted in Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Psycho for years now, and the show finally caught up to that moment in the timeline. But things didn't play out entirely as fans expected: Marion Crane, the character who dies in the shower in the original movie, actually survived this time because young Norman Bates decided to murder Marion's lover, Sam Loomis, instead.

Uproxx points us to this cool side-by-side video comparing the shower scenes in the film and TV show. Check it out:

Pack It Up, Everyone: Somebody Created Recreated Vin Diesel’s Face in a Ham and Cheese Sandwich

I've seen some bizarre things on the internet (haven't we all?), but something new has catapulted into the upper echelon of random weirdness. YouTuber William Osman used a laser cutter to create a scarily accurate bust of Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel made out of ham and cheese, and when he was finished, this madman turned his creation into a sandwich.

We're all going to have to deal with this in our own way. For me, I'm pretty sure the only way I'll be able to purge this will be to actually eat a ham and cheese sandwich of my own. Good luck getting this image out of your head, though. Godspeed to you all.

Via: Sploid

Intricately Designed Poster Celebrates the One-Year Anniversary of HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE

Taika Waititi's coming-of-age film Hunt for the Wilderpeople was one of the nicest surprises of last year, and a new poster is coming out this week that celebrates the one-year anniversary of the New Zealand-set comedy.

/Film pointed us to these limited edition prints from artist George Bletsis, one of which is in color and the other is black and white so you can color it in yourself. The artist had this to say:

“Hunt for the Wilderpeople is such a wonderful movie, and with this poster I wanted to make something that really captured the fun atmosphere, so I went with a playful style that messes with scale/perspective in order to pack as much energy in as I could. I used a colour palette that has a bit of a retro feel to it. The film reminded me of days spent playing in the woods as a kid, so l wanted to push that nostalgic feel. I also riffed on the colours used in the European comics I used to read when I was young. I thought something reminiscent of that era would not only suit the drawing style, but would further evoke the feel of a good old fashioned adventure!”

The site also broke down the sizing and pricing options that will be available when the poster goes on sale:

The regular version measures 24×36 and it will have an edition of 300 that will cost you £40.00 (roughly $49.50). Meanwhile the black and white open edition version only measures 18×24 and costs £15 (roughly $18). Both of them go on sale on Friday, March 31 at 3pm United Kingdom time (which is 10am Eastern Time).

You can snag one right here. Take a closer look at the detail in this print; it's almost like a "Where's Waldo" type of vibe where you can look around and try to find some of the film's best moments.

hftw p3.jpg
hftw p4.jpg
hftw p5.jpg
hftw p6.jpg

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING – Easter Eggs and Other Things You May Have Missed

Fans seemed to love latest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer! It offered us our best look yet at the kind of relationship that Peter Parker will have with Tony Stark in the movie. It was also filled with lots of cool action! There was a lot of stuff going on in that trailer, and there might be a chance that you missed something. To make sure you didn't miss anything, here's a fun video for you to watch from Mr. Sunday Movies that points out ten things you may have missed.

John Cena Is a Bull in First Trailer for CGI Animated Film FERDINAND

You've heard him voice a pistachio eating elephant, and now John Cena is onto bulls. Not just any bull mind you, this is Ferdinand! Maybe you remember the 1936 children's book about the pacifist bull who refused to fight. I'll be honest I'm not familiar, but basic web searches tell me this book is fairly well-known, and the trailer has a lot of potential! Take a look below and see it in theaters December 15th.