The Nerdwriter Explores the Use of Light in AKIRA

We wrote about The Nerdwriter's latest video essay covering "passable" movies a little while back, but I just noticed we skipped writing about a different video essay he created. In this one, he looked at the groundbreaking anime film Akira from 1988. We've written extensively about that film here on the site over the years (here are 10 fun facts, for instance), but I don't think we've ever delved into the way the movie uses light. That's the entire focus of this video, and watching it might give you a better appreciation for the film:

Some Early Concept Art Has Surfaced for Ryan Reynolds’ DEADPOOL Movie

Here are few pieces of early concept art that were created for Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool. These were done by conceptual artist Andrew Leung before Tim Miller was even on board to direct the project. This is a note from Leung that accompanied the art:

"I worked on an early pitch of Deadpool before a director was decided upon. It's interesting to see what ended up carrying through and being used in the actual film."

This key frame art visually brought to life an early draft of the script that was written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds. They include a scene from the epic freeway battle; Deadpool lying on a bed bleeding; Blind Al putting together some IKEA furniture while Deadpool is sitting down holding a TV remote in his little baby hand; and one in which Wade Wilson meets Vanessa for the first time in the bar.

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill Reunite on the Set of STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII in This Photo

Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker and Carrie Fisher's General Organa reunite for the first time since Return of the Jedi in this photo from the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII. Both actors are in costume and seem to be enjoying some relaxing downtime on the set. 

The photo was shared by co-star Oscar Isaac with the following note:

“She had no patience for pretense or small talk. She saw through things, at a different angle, with the gritty wisdom that comes from the hardest lessons. And, man, did she make me laugh. Will miss you dearly, Carrie.”

Fisher had already finished her work on Episode VIII, and there's no information on how her untimely death will affect the rest of the saga, but at least we will get to see her as Leia one more time. 

Kid Asks Alexa To Play WINNIE THE POOH Song…Alexa Tries To Play Porn

It's been hilarious watching all the videos of people attempting to use their Alexa and failing! My favorite so far is this sweet little boy who wants to hear the Winnie The Pooh song "Tigger Tigger," and Alexa starts reading a porn title! Things get NSFW pretty quickly, but it's only language and it's so funny and innocent I doubt your boss would mind that much. Check it out below. 

Also, check out this guy screaming at Alexa because he thinks it's named Trevor...

Science Vs. Cinema Video Explores How Scientifically Accurate ARRIVAL Is

One of the reasons why I love the sci-fi film Arrival so much is because it told an intellectual sci-fi story involving aliens using an approach that made an attempt to use real science. We all know Hollywood likes to embellish things a bit, especially with sci-fi movies, but according to this new Science Vs. Cinema video, the filmmaking team that created the film actually came very close to real scientific theories and practices.

The science of the Denis Villeneuve-directed film is discussed and evaluated by Mathematica creator Stephen Wolfram, SETI astronomer Seth Shostak, and linguist Jessica Coon. The video is almost 30 minutes long, but it's absolutely fascinating, especially if you're into real science and aliens. 

A Dialect Coach Judges Actors’ Accents in Interesting Video

When you're from a certain area and an actor in a movie tries to adopt your native accent, it's normally pretty easy to tell whether they've gotten it right or very, very wrong. But not many of us are qualified to make the same judgment about accents from different areas of the world. That's where Erik Singer comes in. He's a dialect coach, and in this video for Wired, he breaks down 32 actors' performances and talks about whether they've nailed their accents or what could use a little work. See if your favorite ridiculous accent made the cut here:

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