Two Final Chapters of the TRANSFORMERS: PRIME WARS Animated Series Trilogy Officially Announced

Machinima and Hasbro announced today that they are developing the final two installments of their Transformers Prime Wars animated series. It all started with Transformers: Combiner Wars, which was pretty awesome and worth checking out if you haven't seen it yet. 

The two final chapters of the trilogy that they are developing are called Transformers: Titans Return and Transformers: Power of the Primes. According to the press release, the first sequel, Transformers: Titans Return, "will take the action of the series to new ‘heights,’ and feature return appearances from many fan-favorite Transformers characters as well as introduce new Autobots and Decepticons. Set in the period following the excitement of Transformers: Combiner Warsthe depleted forces of Cybertron and a broken Council of Worlds must now face-off against a new threat that is larger than anything that has come before."

There are no details on the third chapter, but I'm sure they'll come in due time. Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein had this to say in a statement: 

“The global fan base has really embraced this vision of the Transformers, and we are thrilled to be working closely with Hasbro developing the next two installments of the series.”  

Stephen Davis, Chief Content Officer of Hasbro, added:

“Transformers has always been fueled by the brand’s rich, compelling characters and storylines, and Transformers: Combiner Wars tapped into that lore to offer fans a truly unique and new digital-first story for the franchise. Following the success of the first series, we are excited to announce this continued collaboration with Machinima and believe Transformers fans will be thrilled to see the story continue to unfold.”

Hasbro and Machinima are teaming back up with Transformers: Combiner Wars executive producer and showrunner Eric Calderon, who will oversee the development of the final two installments of the Prime Wars trilogy.

Transformers: Combiner Wars is available to watch on a wide variety of platforms, including go90 (United States), SkyQ (U.K.), AMC Iberia (Spain and Portugal), Sohu (China), and YouTube (rest of world). Since it was released in August, the series has been viewed 120 million times.

Singapore Is Developing Cyborg Beatles to Revolutionize Human Life

There's some crazy science going down in Singapore that could one day change human life as we know it! Motherboard takes us to the lab of Dr. Hirotaka Sato, who is developing the ability to control beetles completely using electronic signals. Eventually, the hope is this function will be used for humans who lose function in body parts or to better control electronic prosthetics. See the craziness and get blinded with science in the video below!

Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp Join the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Series; Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Role Confirmed

Doug Jones in Space Command movie as Dor Neven

Doug Jones in Space Command movie as Dor Neven

Last week we learned that Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) was the first person to join the cast of CBS' Star Trek: Discovery series. It has been confirmed by Deadline that she will be playing a Starfleet Captain named Han Bo, and she will captain another ship in the series named the Shenzhou. This ship will play a big role in the first season of the series.


It has also been reported by Variety that Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan's Labrinth) has joined the cast as a character named Lt. Saru, who is described as "a Starfleet science officer and a member of an alien species new to the 'Star Trek' universe." This is a role I'm sure Jones will be perfect for. Anthony Rapp (A Beautiful Mind, Dazed and Confused) has also joined the project and he will play Lt. Stamets, "an astromycologist, fungus expert, and Starfleet science officer aboard the starship Discovery."

There's still not much known about the plot of Star Trek: Discovery, but we do know that it takes place 10 years before the events of the original series. We also know that the main character will be a young woman who serves as a lieutenant commander known as "Number One" on the Federation starship Discovery.

The series is set to premiere in May 2017 on CBS, after that all the episodes of Star Trek: Discovery will be available in the U.S. exclusively on CBS All Access. To catch up on everything that we've learned about the series, make sure to click here.

I Got WESTWORLD PTSD When THE SIMPSONS Visited a Robotic Cowboy Town

I had a violent Westworld flashback whilst watching the "Every Simpsons Ever" marathon currently happening on FXX! It was the weirdest feeling ever. I was watching the episode "Kidney Trouble," where grandpa has a "full on Kidney blowout" after Homer refuses to let him use the bathroom when he needs to, and all of the sudden there are cowboy robots and prostitutes!

I kid you not as soon as I saw them my mind said, "Doesn't look like anything to me," and I legitimately wondered if Anthony Hopkins created me. Once I recovered I couldn't help but laugh imagining a Westworld scenario in The Simpsons universe...

Can you imagine this stuff happening in the HBO series? 

This one in particular hit pretty close to home...

Before you go on one of those "Simpsons did it first" rants, don't forget Westworld has been a thing since the early '70s, although I doubt any of this episode was inspired by it. It just made me laugh how the show in a short time has managed to ruin both cowboys and robots for me! 

Poster for CARS 3 aka “Childhood Trauma on Wheels” Gives You Time to Mentally Prepare Your Children

The recent trailer for Cars 3 has left several young fans very concerned for what will happen to their beloved Lightning McQueen. The new poster from Disney•Pixar cuts right to the future childhood trauma. We could be in for this coming generation's Bambi, and I for one applaud it. We need to de-nerf the world if our kids are ever going to grow up to be badasses. Cars 3 opens in theaters June 16th, 2017 (USA), which gives you enough time to mentally prepare your kids, or don't and just roll the dice.

Source: Yahoo!

Watch: Jokes You Missed in Films If You Only Speak English

This video plays into a longstanding insecurity of mine! Every time I hear someone speaking another language I immediately assume they're talking mad smack about me, or having a joke at my expense. This video by Cracked doesn't do much to make me feel differently! That said, all of these jokes are pretty hilarious, and if I were in a place where people didn't know English...I would undoubtedly do the same thing. 

Producer Frank Marshall Says BACK TO THE FUTURE Will Never Be Rebooted


As you know, Hollywood loves remaking old classic movies. There are still a few out there that haven't been touched and that should never be touched. The Goonies, E.T., and Back to the Future are just a few of them. 

You'll be happy to hear that Back to the Future producer Frank Marshall says he will never allow the time traveling film to be rebooted or remade. When asked about it during an interview with Yahoo, he said:

“Yeah [we won’t reboot Back To The Future], as long as I have my say. No, that one exists just like E.T. – we’re never touching those. I love watching it. But how about we almost got the Chicago Cubs victory right?!”

There are some movies that just shouldn't be touched because no matter how hard a filmmaker tries, they just won't capture the magic and wonder of the original film. A good example of a film that should not have been re-made is Poltergeist. That original movie is a horror movie masterpiece and regardless of the fun aspects of the remake, it was pretty much inferior in every way. 

Remakes of these classics would never live up to awesomeness of the original. Marshall is one of a few producers in Hollywood that obviously understands that. At least it's good to know that one classic from the '80s won't go through the remake meat grinder. 

Marvel Comics Reveals First Look at DEADPOOL THE DUCK


Marvel Comics has given us our first look at their upcoming miniseries Deadpool the Duck #1. This is a Howard the Duck and Deadpool mashup series that comes from writer Stuart Moore (Cloak & DaggerThanos: Death Sentence) and artist Jacopo Camagni (Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars). This looks and sounds like it will be an incredibly fun series to read through. Here are the full details from the press release:

What do you get when you take one cynical anthropomorphic duck (named Howard) and cross it with the smelliest (and most annoying) mercenary in the Marvel Universe? DEADPOOL THE DUCK #1! Coming to comic shops and digital devices everywhere on Janurary 4th, its high-stakes avian antics as two of Marvel’s most beloved, and crass, heroes merge for an all-new series brought to you by Stuart Moore (CLOAK & DAGGER, THANOS: DEATH SENTENCE Novel) and Jacopo Camagni (DEADPOOL’s SECRET SECRET WARS).
When Deadpool is sent on a mission from S.H.I.E.L.D. to capture a high-profile E.T. that is rampaging across the high plains, the snatch-and-grab turns out to be much more complicated than the Merc with a Mouth anticipated. One unfortunate wrong place at the wrong time accident later leaves Deadpool and Howard fighting for control as the newest mercenary of the Marvel Universe!
So strap in, break out your chimichangas and crusty bread scraps and hang on! Because you’re in for: rabid raccoons, secret laboratories, cramped spaceships, evil corporations, gastric distress, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Did we mention that’s only issue one?! Flap your wings over to your local comic shop on January 4th to get your hands on DEADPOOL THE DUCK #1!

You will find a few more preview pages and art from Deadpool the Duck #1 below. Deadpool the Duck #1 goes on sale January 4, 2017.

marvel-comics-reveals-first-look-at-deadpool-the-duck2 marvel-comics-reveals-first-look-at-deadpool-the-duck3 marvel-comics-reveals-first-look-at-deadpool-the-duck4 marvel-comics-reveals-first-look-at-deadpool-the-duck6 marvel-comics-reveals-first-look-at-deadpool-the-duck7 marvel-comics-reveals-first-look-at-deadpool-the-duck8 marvel-comics-reveals-first-look-at-deadpool-the-duck9

DEADPOOL THE DUCK #1 (of 5) (NOV160829)
Variant Covers by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE (NOV160830),
RON LIM (NOV160833) and CHIP ZDARSKY (NOV160831)
Connecting Variant A by DAVE JOHNSON (NOV160832)
FOC – 12/05/16, On-Sale – 01/04/17

Francis Ford Coppola’s View on Death Might Bring You Peace of Mind

Hearing this interview with Francis Ford Coppola on the latest Blank on Blank has given me a new outlook on death. Yes, death is inevitable and no one wants to go too soon, but what is a life long lived if you didn't accomplish the things you wished to do with it? Maybe some of you reading were already keen to that way of living, but it took the director of The Godfather to help me recognize it! 

Watch an animated version of a 1996 interview with the director below.