Cable and Hope Summers Battle the Purifiers in Awesome X-MEN Fan Film CABLE: CHRONICLES OF HOPE

I've got a pretty badass X-Men fan film for you to check out today called "Cable: Chronicles of Hope." The short film features a time-traveling Cable and Hope Summers as they battle a group of villains known as The Purifiers. Of course, they end up getting a little help from other X-Men characters such as Bishop and Nightcrawler, who has a cool fight sequence.

The short film was inspired by the 2010 "Second Coming" crossover event comic series, and it was written, directed, and produced by George and Harry Kirby, co-directed by Nathan Stickley, and produced by K&K Productions. 

This is a really fun film and the visual effects are actually done pretty well. Cable is set to make his feature film debut in Deadpool 2, but this awesome fan film should provide some exciting entertainment.