Casey Affleck Will Star in a Vigilante Superhero Thriller He Wrote Called VILLAIN

While Ben Affleck is busy playing the latest live-action incarnation of Batman, his brother Casey Affleck isn't content to sit on the sidelines and let his big bro have all the fun. According to Variety, Casey will star in an upcoming movie called Villain, a film for which he also wrote the screenplay.

The movie is set in a city overrun with crime. Affleck’s character loses everything of meaning in his life when a brutal home invasion leaves his family dead and two bullets lodged in his head. He develops a unique power in the wake of his trauma — an ability to see into people’s pasts, presents, and futures — and goes on a mission of revenge to find the men who killed his family, and in the process clean up his city long overdue for justice.
But as his vigilante acts become more frequent and violent in nature, his arrival as the city’s hero may instead be the announcement of its most prolific villain.

A complex movie about a guy with superpowers who starts out with good intentions but takes things too far and may become the villain of his own story? Sounds awesome to me, and I've always considered Casey Affleck to be an underrated actor, so I'm glad to see him write a project for himself that will presumably play to strengths we might not even know he has as a performer.

He'll next appear in Manchester by the Sea, a drama that earned rave reviews at Sundance (read ours here) and seems to be in position to make a big splash during awards season.