New Details Revealed for STRANGER THINGS Season 2, The Upside Down Will Be Explored

Earlier today we got the awesome news that Stranger Things was renewed for a second season by Netflix. I seriously can't wait to see where the next chapter of this story takes them. 

It was initially reported that season two will consist of nine episodes and will be set in 1984. Thanks to the Duffer brothers, we now have some additional details to share with you. EW just published an interview with the writers and creators of the series, and this is what Ross Duffer had to say:

“I don’t think we ever thought anthology. I think we talked like a larger time jump where the kids are older now and it’s a different decade. That’s something we batted around from the very beginning. But for us, there’s still more story here, there’s still things that are unresolved. We don’t know about Eleven. We leave that up in the air.”

I believe that that Eleven will be back and when she does come back she'll be more powerful than she was before. That's just hopeful speculation on my part. Matt Duffer talked about the inspiration behind season two and the movie sequels that they look up to:

“There’s going to be a lot of new and interesting dynamics that we didn’t see in season 1. I know movie sequels get a lot of s—, but the ones we look up to aspire to pivot and do something different. There’s ‘Temple of Doom,’ ‘Aliens,’ ‘Terminator 2.’ I guess a lot of this is James Cameron. But he’s brilliant. And I think one of the reasons his sequels are as successful as they are is he makes them feel very different without losing what we loved about the original. So I think we kinda looked to him and what he does and tried to capture a little bit of the magic of his work.”

Matt then revealed some information on the setting of the second season, saying that they will venture outside of the small town of Hawkins and explore the Upside Down a little more.

“We will venture a little bit outside of Hawkins. I will say the opening scene [of the premiere] does not take place in Hawkins. We kinda just peeled back the curtain and revealed a tiny bit of the Upside Down. So we definitely want to explore a little bit more. There’s a lot we don’t know about the Upside Down at the end of season 1.”

Ross added:

“We obviously have this gate to another dimension, which is still very much open in the town of Hawkins. And a lot of questions there in terms of, if the Monster is dead, was it a singular monster? What else could be out there? We really don’t go in there much until they go in to find Will at the end. So we’ve opened up this doorway, and to us it’s exciting to talk about, like, what else is behind there? There’s a lot more mystery there to be solved.”

The more they tease what we could see in season two, the more excited I get! I just want to watch it now. In regards to the number of episodes that they are developing and why they are keeping the number of episodes down, Matt explained: 

“We’re letting the story dictate it. I think if it gets any longer, it gets unwieldy for us. We want to make sure it’s manageable and we want to be able to tell a movie-like story where it’s never treading water. We want it to have the same feel and pacing as season 1. I think if we extend it too much, it will have a very different feel.”

Well, they seem to know what they're doing. As much as I loved the first season, I really hope the second season is even better. I hope the Duffer Bros. give us something completely awesome and unexpected for season two. 

STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE Toys Revealed with Stop-Motion Animated Short Series

Lucasfilm has come up with a very fun and unique way to reveal their line of toys and action figures for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They gathered together a team of talented fans to created a series of stop-motion animated shorts using the toys. There are four shorts in the series, which is called #GoRogue, and they were written, directed, and produced by the team of fans. You can watch the first chapter of this series below.

The series is also being used to kickoff a global UGC contest that asks fans to create their own short films that tell their own “Rogue Stories.” The winner of this contest will get to attend a special screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at Lucasfilm in San Francisco, and they will also get to see their own short film on the big screen. I've included all of the information to enter that contest below the video.

The action figures and other toys you see here will be available to purchase on September 2nd. I've also included some photos of the toys at the end of this article thanks to EW.

Below you will find all of the detailed information on the contest and the short film series:

The global contest, which kicks off September 30, invites fans to share their own short stories or skits set in a galaxy far, far away… Winning entries from around the globe will be chosen by a panel including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story director Gareth Edwards. Beginning September 30, teen and adult fans can enter the Go Rogue contest on In addition to the global contest on, in the U.S. and parts of Canada, kids 8-12 can participate on Winners will be invited to Lucasfilm in San Francisco to attend a screening of Rogue One, and see their short story on the big screen.
The fan-created shorts showcasing the new line of Rogue One toys for the first time launches on the Star Wars YouTube channel today, with new installments rolling out through September. The team was led by James DeJulio at Tongal, and the series was written by Kevin Ulrich and brought to life by stop-motion animators and directors Dan MacKenzie and Tucker Barrie. The stories follow the adventures of Rogue One toys from Hasbro, LEGO, FUNKO, JAKKS Pacific, Mattel and Disney Store as they try to track down the building instructions to the LEGO Star Wars Death Star set which have been misplaced by the Empire.
Fans can pre-order a handful of select items seen in the “Rogue Stories” beginning September 2 at mass retailers, Disney Store locations and The full range of new Rogue One and Star Wars products will be available globally starting on September 30.

Rob Zombie’s Deranged Horror Thriller 31 Gets a New Blood Splattering Trailer


A new trailer has been released for Rob Zombie's upcoming horror thriller 31. I had a chance to see the film at Sundance earlier this year, and if you're a fan of Rob Zombie movies then you'll probably like it. I didn't really care for it because it's basically just a rehash of all the other films that he's made. I'm just waiting for Zombie to grow as a filmmaker and break out of his shell and do something different and unique. If you are just a fan of the blood and guts aspect of his films, there's plenty of that in this movie. You can read my review of it here.

The film tells the horrific story of five carnival workers "who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large compound. At the mercy of their captors, they are forced to play a twisted game or life or death called 31. For the next 12 hours they must fight for their lives against an endless parade of homicidal maniacs."

The movie stars Sheri Moon ZombieMalcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Meg Foster31 is set to open in theaters on September 16th.

STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Officially Set for 2017 and There’s an Announcement Teaser!

I'm excited to report that Stranger Things has finally been officially renewed for a second season by Netflix! We've all been anxiously waiting for this news, and now that it's here, we can let out a big sigh of relief and party by rewatching Stranger Things season one again!

Writers and creators Matt and Ross Duffer are returning to develop Stranger Things season two, which will consist of nine episodes. That's one more episode than the first season.

Netflix even released an announcement teaser that basically tells us next season will take place during the school year in the fall of 1984. There are also some interesting cryptic phrases in the teaser, which I assume are episode titles because there are nine of them. Those titles are "Madmax," "The Boy Who Came Back to Life," "The Pumpkin Patch," "The Palace," "The Storm," "The Pollywog," "The Secret Cabin," "The Brain," and "The Lost Brother."

I'm sure fans will have some fun trying to decipher what those titles could mean. Season two is currently in development, and I can't wait to see where the story goes next! We knew that it would happen, but I'm still beside myself with excitement!

Open Your Mind and Watch This New Featurette for Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE

The next Marvel film to grace the big screen will be director Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange. Everything I've seen from this film so far looks awesomely mind-bending, and I'm so freakin' excited to finally be able to watch this film.

To help appease the fans and keep the excitement alive, Marvel has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette for the film that they call "Open Your Mind." The video offers us some new insight into the mysterious villains, who are led by Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius, and it features interviews with the cast and crew. It also shows off some cool footage and concept art. This is just a segment from a longer featurette that will be part of the Special Features on the Blu-ray/DVD for Captain America: Civil War

Marvel’s Doctor Strange follows the story of the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a tragic car accident, must put ego aside and learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. Based in New York City’s Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange must act as an intermediary between the real world and what lies beyond, utilizing a vast array of metaphysical abilities and artifacts to protect the Marvel cinematic universe.

Doctor Strange will be released on November 4th.

Brad Bird Offers an Update on THE INCREDIBLES 2, Says He Wants to Take It in New Directions

It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since Pixar released The Incredibles. Since then superhero films have evolved into something incredible. I would have never thought at the time that superhero movies would be what they are today.

Director Brad Bird has been developing The Incredibles 2 since 2014, and the film is still in development stages. It's not scheduled to be released until 2019 so there's plenty of time to polish up the story and script they are working on. 

In a recent interview with EW, Bird offered an update on The Incredibles 2 and said that they will be taking it in new directions:

“I don’t like unwrapping presents before Christmas. It’s very actively moving, and we’re excited about it. [We’re] trying to take it in some new directions.
"Hopefully it’s the same characters and feel, but going in a new direction. I mean, that’s the trick with a sequel. It’s repeating yourself, without repeating yourself.”

I don't see why they wouldn't be including the same characters. After all, it's the Parr family that make up The Incredibles team, which consists of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack. Of course, the film wouldn't be the same without Frozone and Edna Mode. In a previous interview with Bird, he talked about the challenges of making a sequel to The Incredibles saying:

“A lot of superhero films have been made since Incredibles and it is kind of like an athletic field that’s just kind of dried up dirt now, with a few clumps of grass. And I think what the challenge is how do you step outside of that and say, ‘Hey, there’s another place for our heroes to go.’ So that’s kind of the challenge.”

There aren't any details on the story yet, but I'm confident that Bird and his creative team have cracked the story for The Incredibles 2 and that Pixar is going to deliver one of their best sequels yet. 

The Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 21st, 2019.

Honest Trailer for BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Points Out How the Joke Was on Us

Warner Bros. Animation animated film adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke was such a mess of a film. This movie should have been just as incredible as the graphic novel it was based on, but Bruce Timm and his team managed to screw it up and give a boring, poorly animated film that was just stale in every way. Screen Junkies has released a new honest trailer that points out all of the ridiculousness that this movie had to offer. 

Duncan Jones Discusses Potential Return to WARCRAFT Sequel and No Director’s Cut

Warcraft may have completely bombed in the U.S. but it exploded in China, and that gives me hope that we will get to see a sequel one day. I am a big fan of the first movie, and director Duncan Jones started it with a potential full trilogy of films in mind. Not long ago it was hinted that a sequel would happen, but there's been no official announcement from the studio.

Jones recently did an interview with Thrillist, and during the interview, he was asked about the potential for returning for a sequel to the film. This was his reply:

“If there were an opportunity for us to make another film in the Warcraft universe, I really feel like we did the hard work in the first movie as far as setting the table. I would love to capitalize on three-and-a-half years of hard work and be able to have some fun in that world now that I’ve done the hard work. [So] who knows? Maybe I’m just being a masochist.”

When talking about his planned trilogy and where it is headed, the director previously said: 

“You don’t make films this big and not hope that you’re going to get the chance to make maybe one or two more. I know Chris Metzen, who works at Blizzard and myself have talked about, if we have the chance to make a trilogy, what would story be? And what we set up in this film, I think, I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying… The Orcs had a home, they lost their home. Duratan, who’s chieftain of the Frost Worlds has tried to bring his people somewhere to give them a new home. At the end of this movie they don’t quite have that new home yet. I would hope by the end of the trilogy we know where the Orcs are going to live.”

It'd be a shame if Jones and Blizzard never got to tell the full story they set out to make. Jones went on to reveal that there will be no extended version of the film. 

“A lot of people ask me, ‘When is the director’s cut coming out?’ There will never be a director’s cut. With a film like this, where there are so many visual effects, every concession that you make you lose those shots. They cease to exist because the effects work never gets done. Some of it’s not even at that stage. You go through a writing stage right up to the deadline of shooting the thing. [You lose] ideas in the writing process. Then sets change for whatever reason and notes come in. You’re changing things around a three-and-a-half year process. You get these little changes which are constantly course correcting you. So there is no possibility of ever being a director’s cut. It’s purely in my head.”

It would have been interesting to see a director's cut of the film, but if it's not going to happen it's not going to happen. I would love to sit down with Jones, though, and discuss the details of the film in his head that never made it to the screen. 

Warcraft will be released on Digital HD on September 13th, and on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand on September 27th.

Squirrel Girl Will Reportedly Lead Marvel’s NEW WARRIORS Comedy Series

According to TV Line, Marvel and ABC Studios are developing a new Marvel series called New Warriors, and it will reportedly center on the superhero Squirrel Girl. As you know, Squirrel Girl has been a hot topic of conversation recently because everyone seems to want Anna Kendrick to play the character.

This will be a half-hour comedy series, and it's currently being shopped around to cable and streaming outlets. The report offers a description of the series:

Described as the junior version of The Avengers, the New Warriors are a superhero squad made up of teenagers, one of whom would include Doreen Green (aka Squirrel Girl). For the record, SG can do more than just communicate with the world’s vast squirrel population; she also possesses super-speed and strength.

In the comics, Squirrel Girl serves as the nanny to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter. it would be pretty amusing if that happened with the Netflix series, but I'm not expecting that. Also, as much as I would love to see Kendrick in the role, I seriously doubt she will jump on board a TV series to do it. But who knows, anything is possible. 

I think this could actually end up being a fun series if it's handled right. I'm curious to learn what exactly Marvel is cooking up for it. What do you all think about seeing a New Warriors TV comedy series with Squirrel Girl leading the charge? 

Here’s The Full Line of Marvel and DC-Inspired Business Suits


Last month teased a fashion line of Marvel and DC business suits that they were developing for fanboys who have to wear a suit to work. The full fashion line has now been revealed, and it’s pretty awesome. Not only are there suits lined with comic book logos and art, but they have full cosplay-type suits that look like the costumes worn by Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Joker, and The Riddler. The question is, which ones do I buy!? The full collection will be available later this year around November.