See What A Real Life NIGHTCRAWLER Actually Does For News Stations

When I saw the movie NightcrawlerI kept thinking to myself "no way is this real." I've worked for a TV news station before, and while there were reporters and cameramen who were ready to run out to events during news time, we never had freelancers who we paid for morbid footage of crime scenes and what not.

Turns out, in larger cities there's an actual market for these exact people, and while the guy featured in Vice's video isn't as crazy as Jake Gyllenhaal is in the film, it's still pretty crazy to see his livelihood is based on the tragedy of others. Initially, you may think he's a bottom feeder for profiting off that, but check out the video. I think you'll be surprised the amount of heart a guy in that profession can have.

Rumor: Lucasfilm’s HAN SOLO Script is The Best STAR WARS Script Ever

We all want Lucasfilm's Han Solo movie to be awesome, and the company seems to be doing everything in its power to make that come true. They hired Phil Lord and Chris Miller to direct it, they brought on Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back, The Force Awakens) and his son Jon to write it, and cast Alden Ehrenreich to star. Well, if this new rumor has any truth to it, an early draft of the script is the best screenplay of any of the Star Wars movies.

io9 points us to a report from StarWarsNewsNet in which they received a tip from one of their readers about Star Wars concept artist Iain McCaig talking about the new movie at a conference in New Zealand. McCaig apparently said that Lawrence Kasdan wrote an early draft of the Han Solo screenplay before he was hired to co-write The Force Awakens, and that seems to be the draft he describes here (paraphrased from an attendee in the crowd):

"By far the best Star Wars script, and one of the best scripts period, that I have ever read. I laughed, I cried, I did all the things you should do when reading a good script. You’re in for a treat."

Now look, there's a chance this entire quote is completely fabricated. This is the first I'm hearing about Kasdan writing the Solo script before his work began on The Force Awakens, so I'm not even sure the timeline works here. I want to be completely clear that we are not "reporting" this as fact. But since we're so far away from the new movie and haven't heard much about it since that casting news came out, let's give this the benefit of the doubt for now and assume it's true. Kasdan obviously knows the character very well, and let's not forget this is the man who wrote Raiders of the Lost Ark, for God's sake — it's not impossible that he wrote one of the best scripts that McCaig has ever read. If this is true, it's a great sign for the new movie because this was apparently a reaction to an early draft, theoretically before Jon or the directors had any input into the process. In a perfect world, this great draft would continue to improve as they refine the screenplay heading into the shoot that starts in January.

I'd love for this to be true, partially to keep Lord and Miller's streak of turning bad ideas into great movies alive, and partially because I simply want to see a great Han Solo movie. What do you think?

Humor: THE FANTASTIC FOUR Face Their Greatest Villain

The truth is so real in this Dorkly video, it hurts. Watch the video and read on below:

When I was a kid and I read their comics, I thought The Fantastic Four were the coolest heroes around! Now, thanks to three awful films, I groan when I see anything involving them. To be fair, they are a pretty bland hero team in the scheme of the Marvel Universe. Every one of them has a much stronger version of them outside of the team that could likely get the job done better and faster!

Now I've talked myself into thinking I just thought they were cool because I didn't know a lot about superheroes when I was younger. I need the community opinion. Does the Fantastic Four get a bad rep because they've had bad films, or because they're lame?

BLUE EXORCIST Returning To Television With Anime Set For 2017

In 2017, Blue Exorcist will be coming to television once again with a new anime. Crunchyroll tells us the new series will specifically cover the Kyoto Impure King Arc. The 18 chapter saga that appeared in the manga was not previously covered by the first Blue Exorcist anime, which only depicted events prior to that.

For the uninitiated, Blue Exorcist follows two brothers. One is the spawn of Satan and inheritor of his powers, and the other is his twin brother. The two seek vengeance against their biological father for killing their guardian. It gets more complicated, but that's the gist.

I'm excited to hear about this! At the very least, it gives me an excuse to go and binge the original series on Netflix! I'm wondering if Toonami will pick this one up like they did the first?

35 Coolest and Weirdest Retro Cereal Prizes From The ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s

Like many of you, I grew up in a time when cereal companies would put actual prizes in cereal boxes. I used to love buying cereal with prizes and I remember going home and digging through the box so that I could get my hands on it! It’s sad that kids these days will never know the awesomeness of that experience! Now they provide you with a code that you have to input on a web site just to enter to get the prize, and most of the time it’s not even guaranteed. I guess it's easier than some of the toys you had to mail in for back in the day! 

I was telling my kids about the prizes I used to get recently and it fascinated them. So I started searching online to see if I could find some of the things I remember getting from cereal boxes when I was growing up. It was a nostalgic explosion for me and I thought I had to share some of these things with you to help bring back those wonderful memories from a simpler time. 

There are so many cereal prizes out there, and you'll find 35 of them on this list. I know I may have missed some that you might remember, and if that's the case, let me know in the comments below! I also included some retro commercials for some of these cereals.

Darkwing Duck Fanny Pack

You gotta love the era of fanny packs! As a fan of Darkwing Duck, I wore this with pride.

Baking Powder Submarine

I remember spending a lot of time playing with this little baking soda submarine. I was fascinated by how it would sink and rise. 

Ghost Detector


This was a fun collection of stickers and I had several of them plastered around my room. I've always been a fan of horror, so having a ghost detector as a kid was awesome! 

Glow-in-the-Dark Creeping Monster

Anything that had to do with monsters was cool! The fact that they glowed in the dark made them even better! Did you ever eat your breakfast in the dark?



These were the cheapest Transformers and GoBots ripoffs you could get! They were fun to play with, though!

Crazy Chain


Can't say I ever had Rainbow Bright cereal, but I'm sure there are a lot of people out there with fond memories. 

Rainbow Brite cereal & toys Heather O'Rourke 1983 by Retrontario

Wyatt Earp Peacemaker


When I was a kid, I loved playing with toy guns! I spent a lot of time with friends hunting each other down and having gun fights. We'll never see a gun on a cereal box ever again.

Glow-in-the-Dark Circus Acrobat


These things were just wacky and weird and reminded me of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Batman Periscope


How could any kid live without the Batman periscope?! It was the perfect tool for spying on people.



The perfect way to top off a bowl of cereal in the morning was by shoving a bunch of gumballs into your mouth before school. That was me.

Glow-in-the-Dark Monster Posters


I've been a fan of the Universal Monsters since I was really young, and these glow in the dark posters would have been awesome to own! 

Nintendo Magic-Motion Card

I was such a huge Nintendo geek, I had my parents buy the Dinersaurs cereal as a kid just so I could collect them...but then I lost them. Link was the best, though.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mask

The only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume you ever needed as a kid! I did enter to win the complete set of toys, but I never won. Bastards. 

Bigfoot Stickers


Because every kid growing up wanted Bigfoot stickers! And like most cereal prizes, it also glowed in the dark.

Cap'n Crunch Bo'sun Whistle


This was the perfect cereal prize for kids to annoy their parents and piss them off. These were made back in the day when parents spanked their kids a lot, so blowing this whistle excessively was just asking for a spanking. 

Mr. T Stickers


Mr. T cereal was the greatest. THE GREATEST! The Mr T. stickers were just a cool bonus.



It shoots a white "Cosmic Cloud"! There's nothing safer than shooting a cloud at someone.

Batman Bank


My uncle still has an unopened box of Batman cereal with the bank like the picture above in his cupboard. I don't think he plans on eating it.

Cap'n Crunch Crunchbot


Kids loved robots, so why not make one to attack the “soggies” that attacked your cereal? 

MLB Temporary Tattoos

When I was a kid, I loved basball! That's something I grew out of over time when it just started to bore me. I sure did enjoy plastering these tattoos on my arms when I was growing up, though.

Honeycomb Watch


I have no idea why, but I wore this watch with pride! Maybe because orange is my favorite color. 

Monster in My Pocket


I was already collecting Monster in My Pocket figures, so getting them for free in a cereal box was fantastic!

Ghostbusters II Record


This was such a strange and cool thing. It included details about entertaining to become an honorary Ghostbuster and win a trip to the Hollywood set and meet a Ghostbuster.



Monsters were big with kids back in the day, weren't they? We need more monster cereal prizes these days.

Spooky Speedsters

Count Chocula, Boo Berry, and Frankenberry have always known how to party, and what kids didn't like toy cars?!

DC Superhero Iron-On


I was more of a tattoo kind of kid growing up, but DC superhero iron-on patches were cool. They just never stayed on the clothes you ironed them on to. 

Monster Disguise Stickers


Stickers that transform your face into a creepy-ass monster!? Hell yeah! Sure, they would only last so long, but I can see the fun in it.

Dollar Bill

I actually remember pulling a wrapped dollar bill out of a Cheerios box once. There's nothing better as a kid than pulling money out of a cereal box.

Color Changing Dinosaurs


What's better than regular dinosaurs? Dinosaurs that changed color when you put them in cold water!

Disney Glass Pals


As a huge fan of Disney cartoons, I thought these silly things were the coolest things. 

Nestle Quik Chocolate Milk


I've been a lover of chocolate milk ever since I first tasted it. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bowl


I don't know, eating a bowl of cereal with that insanely creepy Ninja Turtle face smiling back at you just seems uncomfortable. 

Addams Family Flashlight


These were the perfect creepy flashlights to protect us from the creepy monsters that lurked in our dark rooms at night.

Win, Lose or Draw


It's such a simple thing, but I spent so much time drawing pictures on this.

Nintendo Mario Maze


This handheld game kept kids distracted playing it as their cereal got soggy. 

Dinosaur Spoon

I think I ended up played with my food with this dinosaur spoon rather than eating what I was supposed to.

Nicolas Winding Refn Pitched Warner Bros. a WONDER WOMAN Movie Starring Christina Hendricks

When Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy came out, I'd often see stories about other possible Batman movies that were pitched between Batman & Robin and Batman Begins that never quite took hold or were rejected for various reasons. As we approach the upcoming release of the solo Wonder Woman movie next year, I'm sure we'll start to see stories like that pop up too — especially since the character hasn't received her own live-action solo film in her 75 year history. Joss Whedon famously pitched Warner Bros. his take on a movie about the Amazonian princess, and now it's been confirmed that five years ago, around the time Drive came out, director Nicolas Winding Refn also officially spoke with the studio about an idea for a Wonder Woman movie.

At the time, it was unclear if Refn was just speculating or answering off the cuff about a movie he'd like to direct one day, but on the Happy Sad Confused podcast to promote his new movie The Neon Demon, the director spoke about his would-be version of the film:

At one point, [Warner Bros.] did come to me in a very early conversation. I was like, "I love Wonder Woman, but I would only do it with Christina Hendricks."

Apparently the WB people didn't take to that particular idea, and obviously five years later they finally got their act together and cast Gal Gadot in a Wonder Woman solo film directed by Patty Jenkins. As much as I like Hendricks and I'm curious about what Refn's vision for the character would have been, I think it's important that the first incarnation of a live-action solo Wonder Woman movie comes from a woman's perspective because the character has been such an inspiring figure and has meant so much to women over the years. Once we get two or three films in, sure — I can imagine a male director putting his spin on it. But right now, it just feels right to have a Wonder Woman movie being directed by a woman. I'd say the same thing applies to Batgirl, which Refn is (jokingly?) trying to get off the ground at WB now.

What do you think?

Miles Teller Looks Surprisingly Tough in Trailer For BLEED FOR THIS

Prior to seeing this, if you were to tell me someone was putting Miles Teller in a sports film where he portrays a boxer, I'd tell them they need to recast. Don't get me wrong — Teller is a great actor, but there's nothing about him I ever thought said "tough guy."

But after seeing him in the trailer for Bleed For This, I've changed my mind. He looks tough as nails!

The story follows the real life of boxer Vinny Pazienza and his fights for the middleweight title. After fracturing his neck in a car accident, Pazienza refused to fuse his neck and risked never walking again, because doing so meant he could never fight. His recovery, struggle, and comeback are all captured in this film, which looks like it'll be awesome! Judging from the trailer and Miles Teller, I think it will be. The film also features stars like Katey Sagal and Aaron Eckhart. Look out for it November 4!

Thanks to Sports Illustrated, who initially premiered the trailer.

Watch: GAME OF THRONES’ Battle of The Bastards VFX Reel Seamlessly Blends Pixels with Reality

People are going to be talking about the ninth episode of Game of Thrones' season six, "Battle of The Bastards," for a long time — and rightly so. It rivals (and in many cases, tops) some of the best battles we've seen in the movies, and it's a truly stunning achievement. We've already seen a video that concentrates on some of the practical aspects of how the showrunners and director Miguel Sapochnik were able to pull this off, but a new one has emerged (via Sploid) from Iloura that highlights the amazing work done by the show's VFX team as they blended those practical elements with digital enhancements and completely digital creations.

There are aspects in that episode I would have bet huge money on being practical, but this video reveals that a staggering amount of it was CG. The fact that you often can't see the seams makes it one of the most effective implementations of visual effects I can remember. Behold: