HARRY POTTER Star Tom Felton Joins THE FLASH as a Series Regular

Tom Felton is heading from Hogwarts to Central City.

The Harry Potter actor — who memorably portrayed sniveling bully Draco Malfoy in all of the Potter films thus far — has joined the cast of The CW's comic book TV series The Flash as a series regular. He'll play Julian Dorn, a Central City Police Department crime scene investigator who "suspects there’s more to Barry Allen than just his good guy reputation.”

This will be Felton's first big role in an American superhero property, but not his first go-around on television: he's had stints on shows like Labyrinth, Full Circle, and Murder in the First since graduating from the Potter franchise. It'll be interesting to see if he leans into his villainous tendencies (most Flash viewers will clearly know him best as Draco), or if the character will be a decent guy himself who just so happens to think something's up with Barry.

The Flash returns for season 3 on October 4th, and they'll be putting their own spin on DC Comics' Flashpoint event from the comics, which should have pretty massive effects throughout the show. Here's hoping Felton's character in the show is more competent than Barry's co-workers from the old 1990 show. Did you ever watch that series? Those cops were the worst.

Source: TV Line

PACIFIC RIM 2 Lands a New Release Date! John Boyega Will Fight Kaiju in 2018

Looks like fans of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim franchise are going to have to wait a little longer to see a sequel. At least it's happening, though! Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega is set to lead the cast of the sequel, and we'll get to see him kicking kaiju ass on February 23, 2018.

Pacific Rim 2 will be directed by Daredevil season one showrunner Steven S. DeKnight, and I can't help but think he could give us a film that's even better than the first one. DeKnight seems to have a solid sense of story, which is something that the first film could have used. 

Del Toro is still attached to the project as an executive producer. There are no official details about the story, but you can bet your ass we'll see giant robot jaegers epically battling giant monstrous kaiju and causing all kinds of massive destruction. 

The film was originally supposed to be released in 2017, but it was removed from the release schedule last year when del Toro left the director's chair. 

Watch: The Philosophy of Bill Murray’s Approach to Comedy

I'm in the middle of reading Judd Apatow's book Sick in the Head, a collection of interviews Apatow has conducted with comedians and funny people over the years. During an interview with Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis, Apatow asked him what it was like to work with Bill Murray, and as part of his answer, Ramis shared this fantastic anecdote:

I've seen a total stranger come up to Bill on the street in New York: "Bill, love you on Saturday Night [Live]!" He says, "You motherfucker, I'm going to bite your nose!" He wrestles him to the ground — total stranger — and bites his nose.

I'd never heard that story before and thought it was hilarious, and it loosely applies to this video from Wisecrack about Murray's approach to comedy. It's a good watch if you're a Murray fan (and really...who isn't?).

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Video: Matt Damon Pranks Fans as a Hidden Camera Spy

The team at Omaze is at it again. For their latest campaign, they've recruited Jason Bourne star Matt Damon, who's raising money for Water.org, to prank unsuspecting randos at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles and give away tickets to the premiere of the new film.

Some of these people's reactions seem a little too good to be true (as in, I wonder if after the jig was up, Omaze fed them certain lines and added those to the situation in post-production in order to beef up the comedy), but for the most part, it's a humorous prank that you might like watching.

Jason Bourne hits theaters on July 29, 2016.

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What Secret Movie is Peter Jackson Working On For Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment?

I'm thrilled Peter Jackson is finished with his disappointing Hobbit trilogy, because that means he can finally move on to other projects outside the realm of Middle Earth. And thanks to Steven Spielberg, we know he's hard at work on something right now...but we just aren't sure exactly what that movie is yet.

Spielberg gave an interview to the New Zealand version of Time Out magazine and mentioned Jackson's new film, as well as confirming that Jackson will direct a second installment in the Tintin franchise:

"Peter was so busy with The Hobbit that it took him away from Tintin and he's doing another film for my company now. It's a secret, nobody knows about it. Then after that he'll do Tintin."

We know Tintin is something both directors are passionate about and Jackson has wanted to make a sequel for years, but what is this mysterious secret movie Spielberg mentioned? We don't have any inside info about this, but there are a few possibilities. One option could be Mortal Engines, a steampunk sci-fi project Jackson was developing years ago. The plot for that sounds absolutely nuts, and you can read all about it here. It's also possible Jackson cracked the story for his adaptation of Temeraire, which he originally wanted to turn into a TV series (read all about that one here). He and partner Fran Walsh could have fit the story into a film screenplay, but frankly, it seems more likely that they'd be encouraged by the success of Game of Thrones and be even more convinced that the huge story deserves to be told across multiple seasons of television instead.

So what else could it be? There's always a chance it's a total mystery (which would be kind of fun, wouldn't it?), but the New Zealand Herald speculates that it could be a World War II RAF air raid bombing movie called The Dam Busters, or a movie called As Nature Made Him, which is "the story of Canadian man David Reimer who was raised a female after a botched circumcision when he was aged just seven months." Jackson has also mentioned wanting to direct something smaller in scope after The Hobbit, getting back to projects the size of Heavenly Creatures, so it could be something along those lines, too.

What would you like to see Jackson direct next?

Source: The New Zealand Herald, via The Playlist

Terrence Malick’s VOYAGE OF TIME Trailer: Now Here’s Something Worth Seeing in IMAX

I love seeing movies in IMAX theaters (real IMAX, none of that LieMAX nonsense), but I find there aren't very many movies a year that are truly worth seeing on a screen that big. I'll always try to see Christopher Nolan films on IMAX screens because he often shoots with IMAX cameras, and occasionally I'll see a big superhero blockbuster like BvS or Civil War in that format just to bask in the hugeness of it all. But movies that DEMAND to be seen on IMAX screens are few and far between.

Terrence Malick's Voyage of Time just jumped to the top of the list. The film — his first documentary, which takes us on a trip through the past, present, and future of the universe's history — has the feel of those early IMAX documentaries, and even in the trailer, you can tell the footage they captured here is absolutely stunning. Brad Pitt narrates this 40-minute version of the movie, which will only be available in IMAX theaters on October 7, and Cate Blanchett narrates a longer, 90-minute version that's actually called Voyage of Time: Life's Journey.

Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience is a one-of-a-kind celebration of life and the grand history of the cosmos, transporting audiences into a vast yet up-close-and personal journey that spans the eons from the Big Bang to the dinosaur age to our present human world … and beyond. A labor of love from one of American cinema’s most acclaimed and visually exciting filmmakers, Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life), Voyage of Time has been nearly four decades in the making and represents the filmmaker’s first foray into documentary storytelling. The film’s panorama of awe-inspiring images will take you into the heart of monumental events never witnessed — from the birth of the stars and galaxies to the explosion of diverse life-forms on planet earth, including humankind — in immersive new ways that only IMAX can deliver. This is a cosmic experience — a hymn to the glories of nature, life and scientific discovery — in which all the elements come together to form Malick’s most original film to date.
Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience, a 40-minute, giant-screen adventure narrated by Brad Pitt, which immerses audiences directly into the story of the universe and life itself, will be shown exclusively in IMAX® theatres.