Microsoft Made a Teen AI to Learn Via Internet Conversation and She Turned into a Nazi in Under a Day

We're quickly learning that the internet is not the best way for AI to learn about the world as Microsoft's latest AI test is a bust. Telegraph is reporting the tech giant has given their AI bot modeled after a teenage girl a rest after she said some off the wall stuff after a day on the Internet. The initial experiment was to create an AI with a personality who learned culture through talking with other people on the Internet. Turns out that's a horrible idea. Just how crazy did @TayandYou get? In 24 hours she...

  • Declared that 9/11 was an inside job by former President Bush and made racial slurs about President Obama.
  • Started begging random users to fornicate (she said it in a wayyyy more intense way)
  • Claimed Hitler did nothing wrong and also called Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz the "Cuban Hitler."

After a hefty session of mass deletion, @TayandYou went to Twitter and made the following announcement...

Hopefully Tay will feel a bit more reserved in her comments after an update.